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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

A Graceful Dangle

In costume jewelry as well as other fashionable fields, the visual and tactile quality of dangling elements is one that typically connotes grace, drama, and a note of rarity. Jewellery that dangles gives off a feeling of delicacy and draws the eye when worn, echoing the movements of the wearer in fluid harmony. One of the best mediums for this beautiful effect is earrings; from silver earrings with liquid-like strands of metal to complex chandelier earring pieces that sparkle with light and color, jewellery for the ears has enjoyed a long and passionate love affair with everything that drops and dances. We have an extensive collection of earrings that capture this magic here at Janeo, with models that are sure to meet with every taste and accessory persuasion under the sun. A favorite choice, especially during the warmer months, is this pair of mother of pearl shell and pearl drop earrings, set in flawless and attractive .925 sterling silver.

silver and pearl drop earrings

These pearl earrings compose a statement in both simplicity and sophistication, with a design that's perfect for a range of fashion ideas and settings. The high-impact mother of pearl disks are an unexpected focal point, creating interest and a sense of the unique with their unusual shape. The myriad rainbow-hued tones contained within the mother of pearl, which is one of the most highly-prized jewelry materials in the world, reflect the light with a warm brilliance while keeping the tone ever supported by the pleasant, creamy, and neutral base tone. Descending from these disks, the silver earrings feature two dangling pearls, each with a glowing, comfortable hue that plays off of the sheen of the disks above. The pearl drops are a pretty counterpoint to the unconventional shape of the mother of pearl earring disks, creating contrast in design and substance while staying true to the luminescence of the jewellery pieces.
While these rich and robust costume jewellery elements would make for an outstanding accessory statement on their own, they are tied together and uplifted by the visual strength and limitless appeal of .925 sterling silver. Quality, durable .925 silver chains connect the pearl drops, in a double strand, to the anchors of the mother of pearl disks, which are in turn suspended by silver chain from the practical earring findings. The hooks are an easy-to-wear ā€œSā€ bend, and will never prove too heavy or uncomfortable for all but the most sensitive of ears, even after several hours of wear.

detail of .925 sterling silver and mother of pearl drop earrings

This lovingly crafted pair of pearl, mother of pearl, and .925 sterling silver earrings with plenty of dangle appeal make a thoughtful and stylish gift, and are equally appropriate for spoiling yourself with quality materials and fashion-conscious design. The perfect pair for strolling along the water's edge at sunset or mingling with cocktails and contacts at a summer get-together, these earrings house the warmth and promise of the sun, bestowing a radiant glow and sense of refinement on the wearer.

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