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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Pink Panther Suspects Snatched in Monaco

There's plenty of positive news to be read and discussed in the jewelry industry, such as new designers and old favorites launching new lines, celebrities stepping out in outrageous costume jewelry fashion sets, and all manner of industry gossip. But whether it affects you personally or not, there's no denying that one particularly relevant part of the international jewellery industry is the issue of theft. At stores and in homes, from vaults and museums, both famous pieces and unknown items that had much of their value in sentiment alone, jewelry is one of the biggest and most widespread targets for theft. It's fairly easy to understand why; jewelry attracts scores of thieves with its high degree of portability and its immense value. Though security measures and other efforts to calm the surge of jewellery theft have been moderately successful in preventing some thefts, there are still determined elements who make their careers out of misappropriating gems intended for a different kind of "customer."
Among these elements, the group appropriately named Pink Panther is one of the most famous as well as the most tough to crack jewelry thieving rings in the world. Thought to have made off with over one hundred fifty million dollars worth of jewelry over the course of one hundred twenty robberies in twenty different countries, the group is comprised of over two hundred members, many of whom are based in the former Yugoslavia and nearby regions in Southeastern Europe. News regarding jewelry theft tends to be a bit disheartening, but for those who have been impacted by the Panthers' activity, the report that three of the ring's members were arrested last week in Monaco may be decidedly positive.
The three men were apprehended during their departure from a popular Monaco casino, and it is believed that they had been planning a robbery nearby at one of the casino district's many fine jewelry stores. One of the three men may be an important Panther leader, the Serbian Dragan Mikic, who is suspected of being a principle figure within the group since being released from jail just four years ago.
The arrests have come after three recent apprehensions of suspected Pink Panther members. The crackdown ids representative of an increasing urgency among international police and investigative agencies on crime within the jewelry industry, especially as the luxury market suffers the heavy blows of the global economic downturn. Of course, it's unlikely that the Pink Panthers will be targeting costume jewellery as they seek to increase their fortunes (unless a particularly accomplished piece manages to fool the gang). Though jewelry thieves will probably always be around to some extent, costume jewellery owners can revel in the beauty and substance of delightful pieces without worrying over their ability to defend a necklace or ring in a struggle for wealth. Still, we wish the toiling authorities ample opportunities for success as they work to safeguard the industry from an increasingly difficult and dangerous problem.

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