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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Big, Bright Bows: A Wedding Set Story

The dress has been selected and fitted months in advance. The shoes, gloves, and bag have been purchased in a flurry of matching and finding just the right pieces to suit the bride's taste, the wedding's style, and the particular quality of the gown. Hair and makeup are carefully whipped up into a dreamy visage of color and elegance, bringing out the bride's natural glow. And as she prepares to walk the aisle, the bride puts on the finishing touches: her big day jewelry. Wedding costume jewellery has been one of the major elements in bridal fashion throughout the ages, and we're proud to offer classic wedding jewelry sets, replica diamond necklaces, Swarovski bracelets and earrings, and other pieces perfect for complementing any dress or ceremony atmosphere. One of our crowning fashion jewelry products for brides is this gorgeous gold and white necklace and earring set, which is just right for achieving a traditional tone while adding flair and eye-catching sparkle to an aisle ensemble.

gold and diamante bow wedding necklace

The exquisite wedding jewellery necklace features an array of sparkling diamante stones in various sizes dusted across a scrolling golden chain with myriad swirls and designs, evoking a whimsical feel to the piece. This whimsy culminates in a bold statement of beauty as a substantial pear-shaped diamante stone rests within the embrace of a golden centerpiece of bows, finishing off the whole affair with a small gold and stone drop at the base of the focal point. Sweet and visually interesting with an ample dose of drama in just the right spot, this necklace is ideal for a range of dresses and designs, and is sure to light up any bride's face and décolleté as she beams her way through her big day.
The set's matching earrings echo the lines and fluid style of the necklace, with elegant drops that dangle from the earlobes with a spectacular gleam and a nod to classic bridal style. The necklace measures a just-right 24 centimeters with a total measurement of 4 centimeters length on the striking pear drop pendant, while the gold earrings measure 3.5 centimeters. These pieces are an instant beauty boost to dresses that range from traditional necklines and flourishes to modern drop-waisted gowns and strapless affairs that call for a bit of extravagance around the neck.

gold and diamante matching bow earrings

Our costume jewellery pieces wholesale and retail alike are excellent choices for bedecking the entire bridal party, and we're thrilled to offer sets and individual items that can light up portraiture with a warm glow or a fiercely fashion-forward look that woos the camera. Our diamante and gold tone necklace and earring set with bows and pear-drop centerpieces has all the charm and grace a bride could ever want, while remaining effortlessly affordable to allow wedding funds to concentrate on other important elements. With a distinct antique quality brought out by shining new materials and a sense of today's costume jewelry trends, this set is sure to make any big day even better.

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