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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Lakers Coach Credits Success to his Championship Ring Scheme

Anyone who watches or keeps up with a lot of professional basketball knows that championship rings are a high honor and highly coveted, and just so, everyone who has seen an NBA championship ring is well aware of how, well, unconventional they are in appearance. We won't call them downright ugly --there's a taste for every style out there, in the end--, but for many style mavens it can be quite the chore to find the somewhat reluctant beauty in these bulky pieces. Typically, championship rings make it into the news whenever big games are won, and a quick flash of the collective sports media camera gives us a glimpse of the year's big rocks and engraved profiles as they find their homes onto the hands of the country's best basketball players. But recently, the rings have surfaced for a fairly new honor: Lakers coach Phil Jackson has declared that the "switching up" of his NBA championship rings was responsible for the team's big win last week.
Jewelry's role in superstition is certainly nothing new. Everyone from sports fans to avid gamblers to heavily invested businesspeople have touted their luck with jewellery pieces from rings and watches to pins and other bits of sparkle. But Jackson's claim is certainly one of the more outrageous attributions of luck to jewelry's special charm. Speaking in an interview after winning his record-breaking tenth title on Sunday, Jackson recalled that he first began wearing championship rings during his tenure with the Chicago Bulls. He recounted how the former general manager of the team had encouraged him to wear a ring, even though Jackson had complained that it was too bulky.
But shortly after faithfully donning his substantial golden show of NBA prowess, Jackson lost a diamond in the ring while tapping his finger waiting for an order at a local restaurant. Though he was dismayed at the loss, discovered once he had returned to his hotel and noticed the particular gleam of the ring was missing, Jackson was assured that the diamond could be replaced, and was encouraged to continue wearing the piece. Throughout the events leading to his victory Sunday, Jackson recounts that unlike previous years, he decided to "switch up" which rings he wore, deciding on an arcane combination whose mysterious meanings and magic interactions we're not likely to know.
Though his team put on an impressive performance to achieve their win, Jackson has appeared convinced that the real tip in the fierce competition --professional basketball players often are, after all, so talented and experienced as to blur simple distinctions as to who is "good"--, was his particular mix and match game of wearing various championship rings. Though we can't say we'll be procuring our own personal specimen anytime soon, we hope this year's championship rings brings the victorious players lots of luck.

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