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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The Brooch Inspired by a Bird

If you've ever seen a male peacock on display, you've likely been awed by the gorgeous array of feathers that make up the bird's tail fan. A luminescent and vivid screen of rich and complementary colors is supported by a geometric yet fluid structure that sets the stage for one of nature's most beautiful sights. It was with this structure in mind that our peacock brooches were created; acquired by us in a strictly limited edition, these stand-out pieces evoke the grace and splendor of the peacock, in costume jewellery materials that are sure to light up any choice of clothing. In fact, the exceptional beauty and intricacy of these brooches makes them the perfect choice for wedding jewellery, whether the pin serves as a focal point for a shrug or wrap, is worn like a corsage or choker, or is placed on the dress itself to add extra shine and sparkle to the bridal ensemble. But whether worn on the big day or on an exciting night out, reflecting the gray skies of winter or the hot brilliance of summer, these incredible crystal brooches are a stylish and extravagant choice.
Anyone who likes big gems is sure to fall head over heels for a Janeo peacock crystal brooch; positioned slightly off-center to create visual interest and contrast, an extraordinary thirty millimeter Swarovski crystal serves as both the backdrop and the central attraction of the piece. With an abundance of facets that reflect a rainbow of hues and a perfectly polished and smooth surface, this giant round crystal is a gem lover's dream. Surrounding this stone, a swirl of smaller rocks whip around the brooch, creating a sense of movement and extension that echoes the dramatic sweep of the peacock's tail. Starting off the series, a circle of small round Swarovskis are studded around the piece, while a second row of substantial, pointed oval crystals are arranged in a semicircle that curves around the center of the brooch in an impressive arc.

peacock brooch

Providing the finishing touch, an abstract, stylized swirl stretches from the middle of the central stone towards the perimeter of the costume jewellery brooch, ending in rounded points that add intrigue to the overall design. Within this swirl, two rows of round Swarovskis create a counterpoint of sparkle with horizontally-oriented lines, bringing the impression of the peacock to life. An incredible gift for jewellery lovers with a special taste for nature-inspired designs, intricate rhinestone jewelry, and abstract style, these crystal brooches can make any occasion extra-special. But they're not available forever –part of our collection of limited edition pieces, the rhodium-plated brooches only number one to three pieces per color (choose from silver or gold-toned settings). Evoke the elegance and intrigue of the peacock with one of Janeo's exclusive and exotic crystal brooches.

detail of peacock brooch

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