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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A Fan of Color for Your Favorite Wrist

There's a certain classic appeal in the monochrome; from works of art to fashion design, jewellery pieces to photographs, the presentation of a piece in limited, color-bound hues creates a visual appeal that's perfect for a variety of settings and applications. We're certainly fans of the monochrome at Janeo, and you can find multitude of quality costume jewellery pieces that reflect this fact. But we can't hide our enthusiasm for bursts of color. In tones and shades that span the visible spectrum, colors bring artistic pieces to life and afford a sense of celebration and joviality to everything they touch. Colors are some of the most important and well-beloved elements of costume jewellery, and pieces that share the spotlight on design, structure, and substance with a full palette of colors constitute some of the most effortlessly wearable and fun jewelry items available. This multi-hued spirit is captured in its full glory by our inventive and unusual studded bangle bracelet, a bangle with all the right touches to bring a bright smile to anyone's jewelry wardrobe.

multicolored bangle bracelet

An extraordinary example of the high-fashion looks rendered in affordable jewelry materials, our bangle bracelet begins its jubilant tale of color and creativity with a perfectly suitable and fashionable bangle base. A beautifully contoured ring of metal comprises the principle structure for the bracelet, and is accentuated in a rich, deep pewter finish, polished to an attractive luster. The cloudy gray of the pewter makes the perfect setting for the stunning array of color to come. Laid along the front of the contemporary jewelry piece, a row of moody graphite Swarovski crystals creates a complex sparkle while adding geometric interest with round stones offset by the spines to either side.
It is precisely the spine-like structure of the bracelet's fan that comprises the immediate structural appeal of this remarkable rhinestone bangle. Jutting forth from either side of the row of graphite crystals, small, curved spokes extend a few millimeters, creating a vertical matrix of metal that immediately grabs the attention and draws the eye. These spokes culminate in round crystal stones, and it's in these stones that the power of color comes through in the piece. Playful yet bold, the crystals display hues of red, pink, green, yellow, and violet, with smoky overtones that echo the graphite crystals and pewter finish below yet send the visual sense soaring with vibrancy and light. These colors render the bracelet a great match for just about any outfit or occasion, as the range is sure to complement everything from little black dresses to pantsuits to casual wear.

detail of multicolored bangle

If you're looking for some fun in your jewellery collection or the collection of someone for whom you care, this unusual bangle bracelet is the perfect way to deliver fun fashion jewelry with ample doses of elegance and modern appeal. A limited edition, the bangle is a rare costume jewellery item that's bound to sell out.

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