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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Berlin Fashion Week Presents an Up and Coming Show

Of all the often flaunted and much-lauded fashion capitals of the world, chief among them Paris and New York, Berlin's fashion week usually doesn't get to make many headlines. On one hand, it's understandable; the show itself has only just enjoyed its fifth year of production. But the vibrant German city, with its bevy of eager young designers, hasn't been gaining too many accolades from critics in the past few shows. This year, plenty of critics were equally under-enthused, but some commentators spotted glimmers of creativity and hope among the collections. In particular, the works of young fashion talents from the “Designers for Tomorrow” segment proved impressive for many critics. The category featured fashion design students and up and coming stylers and other professionals, who showed several collections that were both off the wall and wonderful, all while remaining wearable –an element that many designers, especially newer ones, often overlook.
Accessories created a strong presence at this year's Berlin fashion week, which has the unhappy distinction of being wedged between several major events in the fashion world, sometimes threatening to steal its proverbial thunder. But the bags, shoes, and other assorted goodies accompanying models down the catwalks were full of inspiration and spirit, proudly proclaiming the hues of summer and autumn with materials that weren't afraid to let loose and shine
From funky bangle bracelets in a rainbow of colors to specialty necklaces layered with charms and structural elements, costume jewellery looks at Berlin's big show were full of proud and punky statements without becoming too whimsical. Clean lines seemed to take a major hint from the clothing collections themselves, offering clearly defined corners and exact, rich, full colors. Achievable through intensely shaded enamel and other oft-incorporated materials, clean lines are some of the very best friends of costume jewelry, as a good linear structure helps serve as the basis for a piece that otherwise has free reign to morph in any number of complex ways. From simple yet stunning Swarovski crystal drop earrings in a wide variety of colors to sleek silver bracelets and simple necklaces, costume jewelry is hardly a stranger to the sleek fashions seen on the runway in Berlin this week.
While the parties are all over and the champagne has gone flat, the charming German city is sure to experience an increase in interest over its annual fashion event. With the wise addition of young and developing designers to the regular section of the show, the event was elevated from being simply another international fashion week splinter to a truly interesting event worthy of the attention of its more prominent sister shoes, throughout Europe and the rest of the world. If you missed Berlin Fashin Week this year, not to worry; you can start experiencing its one of kind allure with costume jewelry options that will bring out your own inner beauty and display it in a whole new way.

A party thrown by Escada during Berlin Fashion Week

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