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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show: Swimsuits Ready for Sand and Sun

While there are many anticipated seasonal shows featuring an array of specialty garments, the Mercedes-Benz swim show held each year in Miami is one of the most revered and well-loved events of the summer. It might be the special peek at what will be on offer for the pool and the coast over the course of the next year that draws the crowds to this popular show, but we have a feeling that the unique composition of swim suits create a sort of accessory appeal, making the pairing of tops and bottoms, suits and sarongs, sandals and sombreros, a kind of ultimate accessory arranging. This year, the suits on parade ranged from delicate, teeny-tiny bikinis in many styles to bold one-piece maliots and inventive shapes that strategically placed just a bit of pretty fabric in all the right places to create very modern looks for the water.
The takes on beauty were classic and alluring; one show in particular featured coiffure reminiscent of the 1920s and 30s, back when bathing suits were mostly concerned about covering as much skin as possible. Lips went bold with dark colors and eyes stayed bright and clear with basic mascara and a minimum of fuss (who needs eyeliner stains from a dip in the pool, anyway?). And of course, there was jewellery on display as well. Big, chunky bangles in fun materials and patterns were a popular choice for structural swim suits, while more delicate pieces, especially 14k gold charms, jewelry necklaces, and dainty crystal brooches and other accoutrements, were paired with feminine, strappy suits. So what's a girl to wear to the beach if she wants to bring a little shine? Here's our style guide for different summer suit looks.

ethnic bead necklace
exotic swimsuit cut
This interesting suit shape is brough out beautifully by the interesting lines and patterns of the white and tawny print. Playing up this rudimentary yet exotic look, ethnic beads make for a fashion-forward statement. This suit would work wonders with our ethnic bead necklaces, which come in a range of textures, materials, and colors. A straw hat and a bit of sunscreen are all that's needed to make this look turn quite a few heads, whether in the tropics or lounging around the local pool.

crystal phone charm mobile jewellery
classic floral bikini
A classic bikini calls for classic accessories, and this model sports an excellent set of costume jewellery accessories to complement her suit. The silver bracelets and silver earrings, contrasting with thin and thick structures, add interest to the suit without being overbearing. But there's a bit of whimsy in the floral print that's not picked up by the chosen jewelry designs shown here, and we think the addition of a flower shaped crystal cell phone charm would be a great echo for the suit's print.

leather wristband costume jewellery
updated country swimsuit
This denim and gingham number recalls the sweet patterns and fabrics of the heartland, and calls for accessories in leather and suede. Our quality suede wrist cuff would add just the right amount of golden highlights to this rustic look.

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