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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Great Phone Charm Celebrity Match-Off!

Phone charms are gaining momentum as one of the hottest jewellery accessories on the market, with nearly limitless options for mobile phone straps and crystal charms that can range from elegant to funky. We've found plenty of dirt on celebrities and their cellphones, but how about celebrity phone charms? Until the stars reveal their favorite picks, we have a few humble suggestions.

Britney Spears
cell phone charm for Britney Spears
Britney could use a little love lately, and as the saying goes, you've got to give some to get some. Perhaps she'd do well with our crystal heart charm, a pretty gold piece with sparkling crystal details along the outside and a very clear message of “love” written across the center. A little traditional, a little original, with a lot of star power –right up Britney's alley.

Amy Winehouse
hello kitty mobile charm for Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse would probably appreciate the cute appeal and touch of something a little unusual in our hello kitty bag charm and phone accessory. The piece features a silver charm studded with brilliant clear crystals, in the shape of the classic hello kitty character. Topping it all off is a pretty pale green bow, the perfect hair accessory for an elaborate up-do like Amy's. Dangling from her cell, this mobile phone strap with special hello kitty star power would be sure to add a little bit of softness to the singer's often ragged edges.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
heart shaped charm for Jennifer Love Hewitt
What better phone charm for Jennifer Love Hewitt than this classic crystal heart charm all dolled up and ready for a ride on a celebrity cellphone? A beautiful, gleaming gold hear charm is set with stunning clear crystals, surrounding a captivating and dramatic centerpiece of pure Siam red crystal. Evoking the passion of love while remaining subtle and innocent, this is just the charm for the cheery, doe-eyed actress' phone.

Jessica Alba
purple cell phone charm for Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba's smoldering appeal along with her fresh take on fashion is a sure match for our purple button, crystal, and heart cell phone charm. Mobile jewellery with a distinct sense of high-fashion accessory, this charm creates a cascade of purple shades and stand-out shapes, with deep purple enamel buttons, several light amethyst beads, and a substantial silver and amethyst crystal heart charm. Cute, classy, and creative all at once, this cell phone charm even matches the star's favorite purple shoes shoes.

Paris Hilton
crystal phone charm for Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton isn't afraid to bring out the bling, as is plainly visible with her crystal-studded phone. But why stop there? Our preppy, perky, and eternally pretty handbag crystal phone charm would look great dangling from the heiress' mobile. With real gold charm details making a strong statement of quality and taste brought to life by shimmering crystals and a cute enamel butterfly, this cell phone charm hits all the classic notes.

Which cell phone charms would you pick out for your favorite celebrities? Let us know, and don't forget to include yourself on the A-list, of course.

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