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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Gap's Illustrious Trio Reveals Holiday Picks

It might seem a bit early to be browsing through selections for the upcoming holiday season, what with the weather being scorching in many places, but as with a large number of industries, fashion is always looking forward, and being well-prepared for new seasons is a sure way to win customers and create interest. In this spirit, mega-retailer Gap, Inc. has given the masses in New York a glimpse of its holiday offerings through its flagship store as well as Old Navy and Banana Republic. The new looks for the holidays incorporate a lot of elements that ring true for classic fall and winter looks, but there's also a generous amount of fresh and fun ideas worked into the fabric.

new holiday 2009 items from Gap

One of the most striking aspects about the newly-released pieces is the sheer love affair with color being displayed in nearly every item from thick woolen socks to comfortable overcoats and hoodies. Not content to remain subdued through the grayer months of the year, the holiday collections proudly proclaim elements of energy, health, and a free spirit with bright hues spanning the rainbow. Denim showed up as a major player among the offerings, but no material can beat flannel for classic holiday comfort and style. With so many varying facets, it might be difficult to envision what sort of costume jewellery we'll be seeing in the coming seasons, but there's still plenty of time to speculate.

big crystal flower brooch pin
Big crystals are likely to make grand appearances over the holidays, especially given their unique ability to show off background colors and create a bit of sparkle against matte fabrics. Whether dangling from the lobes as chandelier earrings, wrapped around a wrist in a stunning and dramatic 14k gold bangle bracelet, or pinned to a favorite sweater in a complex and charming brooch, the over-sized crystal has great potential for bringing out the brightness of the cold-weather clothing lines.

topaz blue swarovski crystal drop earrings
This opening for giant sparklers doesn't mean that the small ones will have to stay in the jewellery box all season, either. There's plenty of room for glimmering details with the host of seasonal parties and inevitable formal wear that crop up during the fall and winter. A perennial favorite, our unbranded Swarovski crystal drop ball earrings are a beautiful way to bring rich jewel-toned color to a solid or subdued fashion palette and cash in on the proud hues that are sure to prowl the runways.

funky pom pom costume jewellery necklace
The holiday season is also quite receptive to purely fun jewellery gifts; take the pom pom, for instance. We've woven luxurious pom poms with attractive beads and crystals to create funky long necklaces that are great for wearing over a sweater, and can even add an extra bit of warmth to a winter outfit.
The holiday season may have a handful of months left to go, but we have the feeling that as the heat dies down and that first fall chill finds its way into the windows of jewellery lovers everywhere, bold and brightly colored earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and rings will be popping up on many a winter wish list.

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