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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

An Ample Dose of Pink

Imagine the smooth and effortlessly scrolling lines of classic Victorian filigree, working its way around a cluster of gems with myriad finials and flourishes that draw the eye and send it skipping about a beautiful piece of jewelry. That's the attraction behind our beautiful chandelier earrings, which take their stylistic cues from a variety of sources. The elegant jewelry of bygone eras is fully present in these earrings, with a sense of the traditional that's updated for modern jewellery mavens. With quality, smooth metal bases that alternate between strong defining lines and delicate swirls that give the earrings a sense of whimsy and flair, the pair is at once a faithful acknowledgment of the beauty of designs of the past and a testament to the power of modern pops of color.

pink chandelier earrings

That color is delivered through a series of stunning Swarovski crystals, noted for their incredible ability to catch the light and project vibrant colors that make a big statement from just a little sparkling stone. The earrings feature two rich pink Swarovskis, one positioned vertically in an oval shape at the very top of the filigree, and one round stone serving as a beautiful centerpiece. The delicious pink tone of these stones is off-set by a series of softer rounds, arranged beneath the earrings' focal point in a graceful line that reinforces the gentleness of the color. Complementing the sparkling show of hues set off by the Swarovskis, the earrings are finished in three dramatic hot pink glass beads. These beads are a fiery and attention-getting touch, with interesting, swirling cuts and a slightly oblong shape that's great for providing counterpoint to the fluid lines of the earring bases. Ready for even more beads? The impressive chandelier earring structures are suspended from long, sweeping, and graceful stems of near-clear pink beads in an exciting shape that brings a distinct modernity to the pair. And to make sure no detail is left unattended to with the bounty of pink's many shades, the earring posts themselves are embedded with single round Swarovskis.

modeled pink chandelier earrings

Throughout the pieces, you'll find little details that really bring the beauty of classic chandelier earrings to the set. From tiny metal dots to expertly pointed swirl edges, these earrings understand the basic concept of the chandelier costume jewellery piece, and are intent on bringing that elaborate feel and timeless appeal to your jewelry collection. We love these earrings for their generous use of one of the hottest costume jewelry earrings colors around, but if you're not the world's biggest fan of pink, don't despair; we offer these gorgeous pairs in two other colors, as well. For those with an affinity for the hues of the sea and sky, our chandelier earrings in icy blues are a great gift or self-indulgence treat. If you prefer the fiery glow of aurora borealis crystals, try our affordable costume jewellery earrings in clear. No matter your personal palette, you're sure to turn heads in our classic chandelier earrings.

clear crystal earrings

sky blue chandelier earrings

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