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Saturday, 1 August 2009

All Abuzz about Bruno

Fans of Sacha Baron Cohen, an actor with several years of pushing people's buttons under his belt, are probably most familiar with the star's film Borat, which was released a few years ago and chronicled, somewhat hilariously, a character of Cohen's creation who hailed from Kazakhstan and made a US tour as a confused but well-meaning journalist. A far departure from the goofy antics of Borat, Cohen's latest invention focuses on a very different kind of character indeed. Bringing his penchant for slightly uncomfortable comedy to the world of fashion, Cohen has been gearing up for the release of Bruno, a movie centering on his original Austrian fashion design character.

the Bruno movie poster

With sometimes outrageous outfits and suggestive poses, Bruno has been making the rounds to promote the new movie, showing up at media conferences, premiers, and even at airports to create some buzz about the feature film. The effort seems to be working rather well, as everyone from regular moviegoers to actual fashion designers themselves are sounding off on their opinions and apprehensions about the larger-than-life fashion character. With a release of July 10th in many parts of the world, the movie has been racking up the box office bucks, and the verdict isn't entirely in on how the film will impact the fashion industry, if at all. But that doesn't mean it can't serve as a little inspiration. The Bruno character has been spotted with various pieces of costume jewellery, even on the film's main poster. We've taken a look at our catalogue with fresh eyes, scoping out a selection of pieces that Bruno himself would be proud to wear. Here are his picks:

leather wristband men's costume jewellery
Bruno clearly has an appreciation for the masculine yet chic quality of leather wristbands. With supple grain, a classic feel, and even that distinctive, pleasant leather scent, our wristbands beautifully show that trendy jewelry can also be affordable jewelry. We offer a variety of styles stamped and embellished with designs to suit any taste. A subtle statement in a great and durable material, leather wristbands are sure to garner Bruno's enthusiastic thumbs up.

black and silver enamel cross pendant
Also among top Bruno jewelry gifts is our black and silver men's Celtic cross pendant, a beautiful specimen of finely-worked silver and rich black enamel. Set in a classic shield shape, this pendant portrays faith, strength, and style, while remaining wonderfully inexpensive and easy to wear with just about any outfit. The necklace comes on a basic ball and links chain for effortless clasping and removal. We can see this piece pairing with one of Bruno's fashion-forward vests already.

macrame fashion belt

Macrame is sure to find a soft spot in Bruno's fashion finesse, with its traditional appeal yet modern complexity. Our multicolored leather macrame men's fashion belt is a dream of an accessory, able to highlight nearly any pair of pants with an intricate appeal that belies a great fashion sense. While Bruno is probably a little too busy at the moment to verify our special picks in person, we bet he'd wholeheartedly applaud these modern men's costume jewellery pieces.

Bruno shows off his wrist costume jewellery

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