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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Bloomingdale's Focuses Fall Campaign on the Silver Screen

The competitive market for fashion this fall may be fierce, but Bloomingdales is showing that it still knows how to present the season's best in style. As the retain chain aimed at affordable luxury has been incorporating increasingly artistic fall fashion campaigns over the past few years, shoppers have begun to eagerly await the theme come Summer, and the attention given the stores as one of the most important parts of the fashion year approaches has largely paid off. Rather than revert to a kind of discount-conscious atmosphere, such as the recent shift to less pricey items at Vogue, the store has decided to take on the majestic and magnificent movies with the theme “Lights, Camera, Fashion.”
Taking advantage of this dedication to glitz and glamour in a market that's largely reeling from the loss of various fashion houses and the down-sizing of many others, Bloomingdale's seems intent on keeping shopping spirits high, and has a number of promotion elements planned for boosting the star power of its Fall campaign as far as it will go. By far the most remarkable aspect of the campaign has been the company's decision to commission five short independent films, which will be shown in special lounges and online. The attraction is sure to draw a fair number of interested shoppers and the artistic elite, and rumor has it that one of the shorts has been staged in the store's own lingerie department.
In addition to this bold marketing move, Bloomingdale's has garnered the sponsorship of the Turner Classic Movies channel, an element that's sure to delight classic film fans around the country. Staging beautiful window presentations at its stores, the company is clearly putting its best effort in the encouragement of reviving the glamorous looks of the silver screen, no matter the financial woes that may betide the fashion industry. With an impressive line-up of movie star endorsements, the Fall fashion season is sure to be a little more interesting with the addition of the Bloomingdale's campaign.
While recent trends in jewellery, especially during the Spring, have focused on large, structural elements, it remains to be seen how Bloomingdale's will put its special spin on fine and costume jewellery pieces for the season. Perhaps taking a cue from bygone eras, we'll see a re-emergence of Victorian and Art Deco earrings, necklaces, and bracelets fit for accompanying the classic elegance of red-carpet gowns. There's plenty of room for sparkling Swarovski crystals and other costume jewellery staples that are able to achieve a blockbuster luster without breaking the bank. As the preparations are made for a full-swing Fall promotion, we're sure to spot the store's jewellery picks in the coming weeks. No matter how the show plays out, it's clear that Bloomingdale's is bent on bringing the beauty of the movie screen to the somewhat lowered spirits of the fashion world.

a Bloomingdale's store window

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