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Saturday, 8 August 2009

The Stars Head to Havana

Havana may not immediately come to mind when considering the world's most famous celebrity spotting locales. But recently, the city has been bustling with such big names as Benicio del Toro, Robert Duvall, Bill Murray, and James Caan, who were in Cuba, officially anyway, in order to be present for del Toro's reception ceremony upon his achievement of the International Tomas Gutierrez Alea Prize. The special honor, bestowed upon del Toro for his depiction of Che Guevarra in the recent film “Che,” created a bit of buzz and apparently was able to bring some substantial star power along with it.
While celebrities an as yet undiscovered American citizens alike have had some degree of trouble visiting and working in Cuba over the past several decades, the new American administration's efforts to rethink its relationship with Cuba has led to greater opportunities for collaboration. Rumors have been circulating that the all-male big screen team had an ulterior motive to their visit: scoping out the possibility for the creation of a film in Cuba. With its clear waters, old-world charm, and distinctly Caribbean appeal, the country makes sense as a filming destination, particularly in light of its inexpensive services.
Whether we'll be seeing much more of Cuba in celebrity news seems fairly certain; even if the island doesn't become a popular destination for movie making, its beauty is sure to draw plenty of stars for vacations and holidays. Of course, this leads to the ultimate conundrum of how to accessorize for a perfect Havana hangout. If it wasn't obvious from the get-go, costume jewellery's eternal love affair with facets spells out the perfect starting point for fun and functional costume jewellery accessories that'd highlight the warmth and wonder of this previously forbidden island.
The legendary sun in Cuba might make it a bit impractical to don a lot of heavy jewels. So, with a sigh, but a knowing nod toward necessity, we defer to the sparkle power of cosmetic mirror bag charms. These versatile pieces provide a bit of reflection for checking up on your lip gloss or checking over your shoulder for that particularly juicy waiter with the trilling accent. Of course, a mirror's the perfect opportunity for getting in a bit of bling, as well, and our compacts do exactly that.

swarovski crystal cosmetic mirror bag charm
Our limited edition heart shaped bag charm beautifully composes the subdued colors of afternoon sun in lazy bursts surrounded by tiny embedded champagne Swarovski crystals. Swirling, creamy enamel plays off the soft leatherette panel that protects the mirror from scratches, and bestows the small but sensational accessory with a beauty that's perfectly appropriate for a hot night at a Carnaval parade or a quite evening by the pool. As relations with Cuba benefit from a bit of the sunny demeanors currently in office, we hope more cultural exchange will occur across the water –and that costume jewellery will continue to benefit as a result.

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