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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Moonstruck with Multicolor Gems

Familiar as we are with many elaborate jewellery shapes and forms, ranging from the complex and elaborate designs of traditional jewelry pieces to the simple and powerful lines of modern pieces, it's not too often that we come across a costume jewelry piece with a shape that really jumps out at us. But when we saw these inspiring crescent moon earrings, we knew we had to have them –and share them with our customers. Our special moon-shaped earrings make an incredible statement for wearing to special occasions or simply out shopping. With a sweeping, elegant profile that's instantly classic yet incorporates a number of sleek and trendy modern touches, this is truly the pair to wear if you want all eyes on you. Adding an ethereal element to any accessories wardrobe, these earrings are capable of immediately upping your style quotient, and let you drink in the beauty of the celestial spheres at the same time.

crescent moon silver earrings

What could be better than the graceful movements of these delicate yet sturdy costume jewellery earrings? How about an assortment of some of the most popular and eye-catching Swarovski crystals around? Highly prized for their superior shimmer and ability to bring out rich, gorgeous colors in a small amount of space, Swarovskis are some of the most sought after gems on the modern costume jewellery market, and these crescent moon-shaped costume jewellery earrings have perfectly captured the stones in all their multicolored glory. Comprising the shapes of the crescents themselves and dotted along the three uneven falls that give these earrings their wonderful drama, you'll find round Swarovskis of various sizes in a show-stopping array of beautiful colors. From rosy pinks to relaxing violets, intriguing light greens to smoldering topaz yellows, innocent peaches and even a sturdy graphite, the colors of these stones reflect a refined rainbow of tones that's perfect for complimenting the unique shape and aspect of the earrings.

close-up view of multicolored Swarovski crystal earrings

At the very tops of each piece, adorning the quality metal posts, ample pink Swarovski crystals are bezel-set and polished to an other-worldly shine, bringing a sense of the color show to come to the opening notes of this sweet song in metal and crystal. Bringing the mystery and light of the moon to jewellery that compliments any style and skin tone, these earrings exemplify the versatility and great personality that costume jewellery can add to even the most crowded of jewelry wardrobes. If you've ever looked up at the night sky an wondered at the soft yet compelling beauty of the moon and its ever-shifting shape, or marveled at the dazzling range of colors dotted along a meadow of wildflowers, you'll find a sense of nature's majesty in this pair of long costume jewelry earrings. Slip on a pair and head out into the promise of a new day –but don't be surprised if you receive a lot of compliments along the way.

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