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Friday, 27 February 2009

Sweet Sophistication: Jewellery Accessories for Purse and Key

It's not every day that a new trend is born, and even those that make it rarely live to see themselves pass their first or second birthday. Rarer still is the birth of an entire category of fashion accessory; in a world steeped in tradition yet fiercely competitive with many designers vying for immortality through wearable art, establishing a type of accessory can be an elusive and all the more celebratory event. Two hot costume jewellery accessory types that are showing no signs of running out of steam are the bag charm and the key ring.
Easy to wear, match, and make great style sets with, these items have been popping up from coast to coast over the past handful of years, and excel when it comes to displaying their costume jewellery roots. Bag charms make for popular gifts --whether they're intended for a loved one or slipped right back out of the box as a personal treat-- and can update any purse with a modern fashion-forward look. Slung over a strap or dangling from a zipper pull, jewelry bag charms have become almost as important as the bags themselves.

The cool greens and vibrant blues in this butterfly bag charm recall the lush flora and fauna of a tropical paradise, all dressed up in sparkling clear Swarovski crystals. Quality hardware and swirling enamel combine with the crystals to evoke your trend-setting style, and make matching options a breeze.

Looking for a little sophistication to add to your handbag? Achieve it with a silver diamante butterfly bag charm, featuring delicate and eye-catching filigree work offset by sparkling Swarovski crystals and a bedazzling central stone. Fluid and fashionable charms such as this fluttering piece can serve double-duty as a quick aesthetic pick-me up when stuck at the office or in traffic.

Of course, all this extra-curricular decoration might make your keys a bit jealous. Give them a treat they deserve with fun and funky strawberries dangling from a silver or gold chain keyring. Sweet and stylish without cluttering up your clutch of keys, this ring features picture-perfect enamel berries topped with a bit of cream and letting their message be known: “I love you!”

For a key set with classic style, smooth and swirly art deco designs make a nice subtle statement. Creamy purple tones drip with enamel shapes and jewels in this elegant keyring. After all, costume jewellery isn't always just about having fun with sparkle and saving a bunch of cash while you're at it. Well, those -are- pretty important components. But finding your personal style flourish in costume jewelery creativity is at the heart of every new devotee.

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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Oscars Jewellery Recap: Hot Off the Red Carpet

The Academy Awards has long been a setting for not only honoring the creative and technical talents behind the year's best-loved movies, or for speculating as to who among those nominated will end up giving acceptance speeches. Though artistic accomplishment and diligent work are recognized once the ceremony has actually begun, the lead-up to the start of the show is one of the biggest parts of the event -- and one of the biggest topics of the year. It's Oscars fashion, a subject that has spawned everything from books to television shows, and if the viewers drawn by the event are any indication, it's a pretty big deal.
Each year, the Red Carpet sees scores of frocks and suits, flashbulbs and picture-perfect make-up, but it also sees some of the most extravagant jewelry in the world. From crystal bracelets to bright flower brooches, starlets and supporting screen sirens grace the crowd with pieces you'd be hard-pressed to see anywhere else, assuming of course you don't frequent any royal balls or exclusive museum exhibits.
But for the 81st Annual Academy Awards held last Sunday, many, like the Jewelry Insider were speculative about what effect, if any, the current economic slowdown would have on the night's parade of ice. While predictions ranged from the super-subdued (think wedding rings and the occasional one-carat diamond stud earrings) to the irreverently showy (nothing like a full emerald jewel bib to make the public green with envy), it seemed apparent that there was at least a social call to keep things a bit toned down. But at the Oscars, “toned down” is relative. Like the fashion itself, consisting of subtle yet elegant designs in warm and neutral colors, the Red Carpet's jewelry collection was dramatic and lovely without being overbearing.
Pearls and a sense of harmony were on call for Meryl Streep and Sophia Lauren, shown here with creamy drop earrings in matching hues:

Also standing out in the earrings department, Jessica Biel's understated yet pretty chandelier earrings in silver were a hit:

Swarovskis made many grand entrances throughout the night, and helped play up the glamour of the event with sparkle and flair without getting too flashy. Janeo's ball drop earrings, featuring stones in a rich and gorgeous palate, would have been worthy contenders, such as this pair in ochre:

Offsetting many a gown, the night's necklaces weren't afraid to come out from behind the curtain, yet remained tasteful and refined. Amanda Seyfried donned a costume jewelry piece full of swarovski crystals:

Even extraordinary belts were on show; singer Miley Cyrus' pearly, crystalline fashion belt set the theme for her scalloped dress:

Subdued yet substantial - this year's Oscars ceremony showed that this rare but magical combination is quite possible - and can be quite pretty, too.

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Saturday, 21 February 2009

NICHE Jewelry Awards Held this Week - We've Got the Winners

Jewelry lovers can often be found frequenting the windows or glistening display cases of brand name mall shops, sifting through the offerings at swap meets and markets in search of that elusive rare find, or pouring through the latest pieces in catalogs and magazines. But while a convention certainly isn't the first venue that comes to mind when considering hot spots for jewlery fiends, a recent one in the heart of Philadelphia has shown that jewelry isn't confined to the display case and the printed page. Rather, it flourishes under the spotlight of NICHE, the North American Jewelry and Craft industry's organization for encouraging professionals and amateurs alike to produce well-made and creative pieces for versatile wear.
The organization held its annual Buyers Market of the American Craft this week to the joy and frenzied note-taking of some of the country's most dedicated jewelry mavens and critics. Plenty of milling about and discussion on hot new trends and up-and-coming designers ensued, but the centerpiece of the event was to be found in the announcements of the NICHE Award, a prize given to designers in thirty four professional categories and fourteen subsequent student/apprenticeship categories. Winners received, among other perks, inclusion of their pieces and biography in the upcoming issue of the organization's magazine.
The convention's venue stayed true to the idea of lofty and impressive size with its original showcase of nearly one hundred and fifty finalists in the professional division, along with nearly seventy finalists displaying their pieces in the student division. Over the course of two days, these pieces were carefully considered by a panel of judges as well as the convention's attendees, who (following many hand-wringingly difficult decisions, one expects) eventually narrowed their choices down to less than fifty final winners. Of course, the earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, pins, and other baubles being judged weren't assessed quite in the same way an avid shopper might employ to decide if that pink cocktail ring is -really- necessary. No, far from observing themselves wearing the pretty pieces in a mirror or imagining their potential to match an outfit or five, the judges considered each piece of jewelry based on its originality and sense of uniqueness, its structural integrity and craftsmanship in terms of surface overall form, and in the case of professional entries, its potential to do well in the modern market.
The winning pieces ranged from the classically-inspired to art deco pins and modern chic, with plenty of nods toward the versatility and fun of costume jewelry. Lindly Haunani's “Ruffle Earrings,” dreamy chandelier earrings with flutters of deep and mossy greens dangling from discreet hook findings, were met with accolades:

As was this cute yet refined “Octopus Jellyfish Pin,” a work by Amy Roper Lyons and winner of the professional gold category and a bold direction for costume jewellery brooches:

Champion of the professional silver with stones category, this interesting bangle by Erik Stewart seems aptly named with the moniker “Mooncheese”:

While some finalists were faced with the lesson that you can't win all the time, the convention is sure to inspire many more new and tenured designers to be bold and create the kind of jewelry shoppers dream of adding to their collections.

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Friday, 20 February 2009

More of New York Fashion Week

As New York Fashion week presses on, guests are seeing a major difference in the shows this year.

The economic crunch has trickled onto New York’s fashion runways. Guest list have been slashed. Marc Jacobs originally planned to have 2000 attendees, but his quest list slimmed down to a mere 500. Instead of expensive jewellery onlookers dress in costume jewellery to manage their personal budgets.

Like many fashion events lines of limos circle the block, but this year magazine editors and the like hailed cabs to the biggest event of the season.

For foreign press, some companies only sent one spokesperson or no one. Not to sacrifice the advantage of a second set of eyes to capture all the details of a Proenza Schouler dress or Armani diamond earrings, but budgets were cut and the effects are obvious.

While New York Fashion week is a big show, it has been scaled down in some regards.

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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Best of New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week ushered in new labels, while seasoned designers gave a refresher course in New York Fashion 101.

Justin Timberlake premiered his line, William Rast, on Monday night. His collection was young and fun like swarvoski covered bracelets and bangles. It can also be characterized by its rugged American aesthetics.

Tailored leather jackets the color of topaz swarvoski crystals and distressed denim gives William Rast’s Justin Timberlake the respect of fellow designers.

Marc Jacobs' line featured bright colors and bold shapes. The only decade that can describe this show is the 80’s. I’m sure the 80’s hair was not half as big as the personalities observing his show nor were the earrings worn by these models as long as the swarvoski crystal earrings that we wear today. But it was said to be a feel good experience giving everything that New York eighties fashion did- glamour, entertainment, and great design.

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Sunday, 15 February 2009

President Obama’s Valentine’s Day Gift

President Obama proves that even the busiest man on the planet has time for his sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.

I guess its all about preparation boys. Obama ordered his wife Michelle a triple chocolate enrobed brownie cake from Bake Me a Wish in advance reports People magazine. I’m sure this isn’t the only gift she got this Valentine’s Day. She probably also received costume jewellery like red diamond earrings to commemorate their first Valentine’s Day in the White House.

I can’t imagine Obama not buying her costume jewellery on this day. In addition to Michelle Obama, Bake Me a Wish provides their treats to soldiers overseas.

The little Obama girls probably received a special gift from Daddy as well. The White House was filled with love, chocolate, and costume jewellery for the first of many Valentine’s Day to come.

The above jewellery pin crystal brooch is made of topaz swarvoski crystals on a gold finish base. The pink flower shaped brooch allows you to bring out your feminine side and is a great piece to own with the spring and summer months ahead.

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Friday, 13 February 2009

Groundbreaking Television

Great Britain has a new comedy airing on Channel 4 called Free Agents. The show stars Stephen Mangan who compares this witty, drama-filled show with Sex and the City. But that doesn’t mean Mangan is the new Sarah Jessica Parker.

In Sex and the City SJP is seen in labels and costume jewellery that set a wave for fashion and television. Similarities between the two shows are shared though. Both have themes that center on adult situations and like Sex and the City this show has a sex-crazed character played by Anthony Head.

Sex and the City had so many good fashion moments and each character had a trademark look. . .

Carey Bradshaw took the most fashion risks but one staple never left her everyday wardrobe. That item would be her signature Carey necklace. Although Sex and the City has been off air for years now, every girl in the US owns a gold necklace, ring or monogram costume jewellery.

Samantha Jones always wore the biggest and flashiest earrings on the block. You could catch her in swarvoski chandelier earrings and art deco inspired shapes and colors dangling from her gossip gathering ears.

Charlotte York was a very refined, upper-east side girl which meant lots of diamond earrings and pearl necklaces.

In the beginning Miranda’s character dressed in boring suits and really did not have a defined sense of style, but soon she too would succumb to fashion with bold stainless steel bangles and necklaces.

The first season of Free Agents airs on February 19, 2009.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Updates on Chris Brown Arrest and Rihanna

All the diamonds and costume jewellery worn by celebs could not shed enough shining light over the Grammys this year. The show was overshadowed by a tragic event this weekend that involved Chris Brown and Rihanna. Consequently, both stars cancelled their performances for the show.
After a Clive Davis pre-Grammy party where stars adorned the latest costume jewellery and fashion, R&B singer Chris Brown and an unidentified female had a physical altercation. According to reports the pair got into a fight in upscale Hancock Park in Los Angeles, CA.
The unidentified woman is rumored to be pop princess Rihanna. Although her publicist has issued a statement that she is doing well.
Officers from the scene state that the victim suffers “horrific injuries” which include contusions to the forehead, a busted lip, bloody nose and bite marks. Bite marks! What kind of an animal is he?
Chris Brown has been pulled from multiple endorsements including his Wrigley’s gum commercials and Got Milk campaign where he is seen jumping wearing a fedora and diamond stud earrings.
Brown currently faces a felony charge that could give him up to 9 years, but updated reports show that the Los Angeles District attorney is now involved in the case.
For the past several months Rihanna and Chris Brown were rumored to have issues with their relationship with infidelity on his part. It is really sad that things had to escalate to physical abuse.
Rihanna has become a fashion icon and is one of the most gorgeous singers in the game. She is a trendsetter that has made the darker side of fashion and costume jewellery hot. It is going to be hard to be hard to see her in this state.

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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Valentine’s Day Blues

Ever have the blues on a day painted all red? If so, you are not the only girl or guy that has spent a Valentine’s Day or two or three alone without the presents of costume jewellery and candies along with the company of a mate. Out of all holidays, this one places the most pressure and nervousness on both sexes.

For men, they are faced with the possibility of rejection, picking out a great gift and planning an evening of romance. That’s a lot of responsibility to put in a man’s hands. Some men don’t know that you can never go wrong with costume jewellery. Because lets face it, the perception of romance does not translate the same between sexes.

For women, we are stuck between making plans with our girlfriends or not making any at all because we are waiting to be asked out. Consequently, we can end up at home because we have left ourselves too open. We know why this happens. Every year we hope this is the Valentine’s Day that runs smoothly. Were we open up our gift of gorgeous costume jewellery. It is the diamond stud earrings and the diamond necklace that you have been longing for, but most importantly it was given to from the one you love.

Let’s remedy a potential lonely situation. Today is Feb. 7th, one week from Valentine’s Day. If you are a woman who does not currently have a date, make those plans with your girls. There is no need for you to be at home on Valentine’s Day. Wear your most glamorous costume jewellery and clothes. Having a nice dinner with friends will make you forget about that guy who didn’t ask you out.

If you are a man, you should be calling your Valentine now and if you want to see what the perfect gift looks like have a look below.

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Friday, 6 February 2009

Fashion and Jewellery Design Merge Once Again

Fashion and jewellery design will have another meeting of the minds. Jewellery designer Paris Kain and fashion designer Alexander Wang unveil collaborations this Valentine’s Day.

The jewellery designed from this collaboration will retail for $350- $975. If this is too steep for you, costume jewellery that evokes the same feel as this collection is available.

Paris Kain is the founder of Abraxas Rex, a New York based fine-jewellery company. He is noted for using materials like meteorite with tiny diamonds for pendants and quartz for rings.

Together they have designed a collection of silver cuffs and earrings. This is a collection that explores non-traditional methods of sporting your jewellery or costumer jewellery. Wang says, “We’re working with ways of wearing earrings that aren’t typical,” he says. “How they work on your body, how they hang. We want to push the meaning of embellishment and how people interpret jewelry.” For Wang, he wanted to create some that was very opposite of what we see in fashion today. This is why he ventures from the deconstructed, slouchy look to tailored, restructured pieces.

These looks will be . . . Futuristic yet animalistic. Modern yet prehistoric. Industrial yet refined.

For us costume jewellery lovers, check out the glass bead bracelet below. It gives shoppers the feel of the Alexander Wang collection for Abraxas Rex without the price. By choosing a glass material, the piece balances its modern and prehistoric vibe. Its heart-shaped glass beads make it a perfect Valentine’s Day gift .

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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

JK Rowling Receives High Merits in France

Standing with a bouquet of flowers in hand, JK Rowling is wearing a black suit with a matching black bag. Her choice of costume jewellery is an oversized ring along with dangling diamond earrings. Here she stands to be inducted into Legion d'Honneur, France’s national merit society.

Legion d'Honneur is an elite organization developed in the 19th century by Napoleon Bonaparte. Technically, only French citizens can be inducted , but today foreigners are made honorary members. Rowling will join the likes of Steven Spielberg and Barbara Streisand another women who wears great costume jewellery.

The ceremony took place at the Elysee presidential palace in Paris where President Nicolas Sarkozy performed the ceremony. JK Rowlings' Harry Potter novels have sold over 400 million copies. In France, The Order of the Phoenix became the first book written in English to place number one on the bestseller’s list. Rowling is a remarkable women who exudes greatness and rocks great costume jewellery.

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