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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Forgettable Fashion Accessory: Handerpants

Highlighting some of the season's best fashion accessories is a joy without which we might not be able to go on, but once in a great while an accessory is brought to light which merits being brought to the front of the class simply because of how bad it is. There have been some especially appalling examples of questionable accessories in the headlines in recent years, from the horrors of wearable blankets to all manner of baby bag contraptions that have tried –and failed-- tirelessly to make the necessity of caring around diapers somehow chic. Sometimes the very best regrettable accessories are born out of such apparent necessity, and there's nothing like the blast of cold winter weather to bring out the worst in accessory design. Shopping for hats, scarves, and gloves each year as the temperature drops is a pleasure for most fashionistas, and many may have noticed trends surrounding fingerless gloves. Often as cozy and comfortable as the originals, fingerless gloves supposedly allow for a greater range of motion and ability with the fingertips (say, typing an iPhone message on the go) while still essentially keeping the hands warm. The trend certainly has its critics, many of whom question the wisdom of keeping the most cold-vulnerable parts of the hands uncovered. But we think the pool of critics will likely get a significant boost thanks to the launch of Handerpants. The name may be horrifying, but there's something worse to come: these fingerless gloves are exactly what you're fearing. Tighty whities for the hands.


We're not sure precisely who the product managers had in mind when they began marketing these duds of winter fashion wonder, but we're pretty sure that the target audience wasn't particularly intended to have any back issues of Vogue. Crafted in cotton (arguably the only redeeming quality of the pieces), the Handerpants are sewn and seamed to resemble the plainest of boy-underpants, complete with a mundane elastic band that wraps around the wrists and proudly displays the name of the tacky product (just in case anyone missed the idea upon seeing the Handerpants themselves). Probably incapable of providing much of any warmth to the hands, these fingerless gloves may well be one of the most useless as well as the most objectionable fashion accessories we've seen on the market in quite some time.
It's hard to go wrong with a pair of quality cashmere or leather gloves for cold weather woes, and there are scores of other spot-on winter accessories that can brighten up any season. From the appeal of seasonal costume jewellery in the shape of Santa's hat or an elegant snowflake to pieces that incorporate both the distinctive color palette and cheer of the holidays into their design, fashion accessories perfect for gift-giving and splurging for the self can be found in abundance. We hope you're treated right this season and that Handerpants are safely kept limited to your computer screen!

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Congrats to This Week's Costume Jewellery Contest Winners!

No matter your personal style, if you're looking for earrings, a bracelet, or a special necklace, you'll have plenty from which to choose when you win Janeo's renowned costume jewellery contest. If you've been chosen this week, simply pop over to our prize section and send us a link via email to the item of your choice.

This weeks, congrats go to:

Sonya Blythe
Paul Marshall
Sara Chambers Ross
Rebecca Last
Diane Yorke
Darren Rawcliffe
Lisa Johnston

We hope you enjoy your prizes and good luck to all our other entrants (who participate either through a previous purchase or through signing up on our main page) this week.

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Friday, 25 December 2009

Fashion in the Philippines gets Sweet, Creamy

The Philippines have long been a fashion hot spot, with designers quickly putting themselves through the challenges of fashion and art schools to emerge with attractive items that national fashionistas and aficionados around the world can truly appreciate. Recently, however, the country took part in a promotional fashion festival that may seem especially strange to Western eyes, particularly those that have never considered the unlikely combination of fashion and ice cream in the past. Fashion and ice cream? The pair may not seem to go together on the first pass, but if you've ever dreamed of gleaming gowns or decadent costume jewellery while working on a pint of your favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor, you'll recognize that the marriage has some seriously sweet potential.
That potential was the star of the show at a recent catwalk special held in Manilla, in which some of the Philippines' most promising and popular designers showed off their Spring and Summer 2010 looks –all of which included, in some way, one of the flavors present in dairy company Nestle's “Heaven” ice cream. The flavors, consisting of a rich velvety Belgian chocolate, a smooth strawberry with chunks of fruit, and a soft vanilla loaded with caramel and almond slices, had plenty to bring out in fabric, cut, and color, making for a creative show that may have inspired the taste buds as much as the eyes. Strutting down the catwalk in creations that recalled various disco fashions and modern takes on classic warm-weather pieces, the models looked perfectly attuned to the hot fashion trends of today's Philippines, while also playing the part of cool and creamy treats –a combination that had many critics praising the proceedings.
There are endless ways to get inspired for new fashion looks, whether you're after a new outfit or a refreshed costume jewellery wardrobe. From your favorite confections to global events and beyond, the stories behind personal picks in fashion pieces can be every bit as interesting and appealing as the pieces themselves. When you're hankering for something special and sweet, try sweeping on a heavy bangle bracelet or incorporating a sparkling, delicate costume jewellery brooch into your outerwear. You can slip on a leather belt with a particularly eye-catching buckle, or accessorize your bag with a charm or key ring that adds a little extra style to your overall look.
Though efforts to retain at least a little of one's health and normal blood sugar as the holidays progress may make scarfing down a tub of ice cream strictly off-limits, fashion fiends can still benefit from sweet sensations by opting for fashion and accessory choices that recall the dreamy texture and taste of their favorite treats. Whether it's ice cream, birthday cake, sugar cookies, or other delicious morsels from the family kitchen or the neighborhood boutique, treats can serve as a great inspiration for fashion that looks, feels, and tastes spectacular.

A model displays ice cream-inspired clothing

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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

A Wintry Tale of Golden Wonder

When the weather turns cold and gusts of icy wind or drifts of powdery snow threaten to make treks outside a shivering ordeal, there's little that's more enjoyable than a nice warm sweater –but accessorizing a favorite cold weather clothing item can be an even greater joy, highlighting personal taste and making fashion fun again, even in the midst of bitter winter days. Some of the very best winter accessories take on the theme of the cold itself, and the season offers ample opportunities for getting inspired by the beauty and complexity of nature. There is, perhaps, no symbol more appreciated for its representation of that natural and elaborate beauty than the snowflake, with intricate icy branches that recall the glitter of diamonds and the grace of perfect symmetry. What symbol or design could be better, then, for a winter-themed costume jewellery brooch? We're not sure, and we won't have to find out, either, thanks to Janeo's limited edition 14k gold snowflake brooch pin.

Janeo's 14k gold snowflake pin

Measuring a generous four and one tenths of a centimeter by three centimeters, this pin is perfect for brightening a boring winter sweater or securing a woolly scarf. No matter how it's worn, however, this classic yet contemporary piece has all the right components for delighting the eyes and playing with seasonal style. Beginning with a sizable golden snowflake, the brooch allows the eyes to follow geometric patterns of branches, culminating in three-lobed 14 karat gold finials that gleam with intensity and warmth. Set at the very center of the snowflake, a swirl of Janeo's beloved unbranded Swarovski crystals reflects the light and displays a beautiful array of colors, while a central larger stone creates a sense of luxury. Positioned next to the central snowflake, a smaller version creates subtle counterpoint, offsetting the design and adding a decidedly modern feel. The women's costume jewellery pin is crafted with a fully-functional stick pin and closure to allow for easy application to most types of fabrics.

Alternate view of 14k gold snowflake brooch

Summing up the natural spirit of the season in gorgeous costume jewellery materials, this brooch is sure to become a favorite item for bringing out the best of the holidays and for wearing well into the new year. The piece recalls the majesty of one of mother earth's most awe-inspiring and cherished phenomenons, and its delicacy serves to remind all who look upon it that while there may be many snowflakes in a single fall, each one illustrates a character and visual aspect to be appreciated and considered on its own. Wearing this exceptional example of quality costume jewellery, you –or a lucky gift recipient-- will feel that special character, embodied. Don't miss out on this delightful limited edition piece; once stocks of these special snowflakes are purchased and sent out in Janeo's signature organza wrapping, they'll be gone for good, leaving jewellery lovers to look for their winter inspirational wearables elsewhere.

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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Fashion Bloopers: Now Starring Robert Downey Jr.

Sometimes there's nothing quite as enjoyable as taking in the beauty of a particular star bedecked in an imaginative fashion confection, and many a fashionista's wall or mirror has been taped up with a picture of a celebrity who unmistakably got their fashion moment just right. But it's not always the case that stars nail the fashion challenge; sometimes, in fact, they very seriously flop. It may be somewhat incongruous to snicker at the unfortunate fashion choices of the very celebrities that on good days, but if gossip rags are any indication, it's certainly a past time. There are ample opportunities in the entertainment industry for stars to fall flat in a big way; from red carpet events coast to coast, ball gowns and suits make plenty of daring appearances throughout the year. But not all fashion mistakes are made in front of the brightest spotlights. Sometimes, they can be as simple as a walk in the park....

Robert Downey Jr.'s fashion disaster

...A walk in the park is what Robert Downey, Jr. might have had in mind when he dressed for a London dinner last week, accompanied by his wife and famed British filmmaker Guy Ritchie. Ostensibly celebrating the then-imminent release of his new Sherlock Holmes flick, Downey Jr. sat down for what was likely a lovely meal –dressed in less than lovely duds. The most striking element of the star's questionable ensemble, a piece that has made its way onto the eager front pages of plenty of publications, was a powder blue affair that might have been the world's first glimpse of an unhappy marriage between a top hat and a fisherman's cap, trimmed in a darker blue ribbon that just might have been crafted of velvet. Crowning the actor in what looked to be part old maid bonnet and part rummage sale disgrace, the hat would have seemed entirely out of character were it not for the awkwardly baggy pants the star wore atop shoes that could have definitely used a good scrubbing.
By contrast, Downey Jr's wife looked perfectly chic and groomed, and seemingly unaware of her husband's bizarre outfit, a trait which may make her the most forgiving woman in show business. Of course, this doesn't mark the worst case of celebrity dressing the world has ever seen –a few of Cher's Bob Mackie moments, for instance, come to mind--, but the world of gossip has made certain that it will earn its place among the hallowed halls of stars who stepped out in something utterly ghastly. In the world of men's fashion accessories, it can sometimes seem like being adventurous is especially risky. But when men shop with costume jewellery retailers and accessory houses with a reputation for getting trends just right (like Janeo's raised-ridge leather belt, for instance), expressing oneself doesn't have to involve showing up in the bad fashion headlines bedecked in items that couldn't flatter a fish.

Janeo's ridged men's fashion leather belt

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Hooray for this Week's Winners!

Just in time for the holiday season, another crop of winners have had their names chosen, and can now head over to our prize section to select their favorite item in the bunch. They'll choose from delicious cocktail rings, dazzling necklaces, dainty earrings, and other costume jewellery treasures. All that's needed to claim the prize if you've won is an email sent to us with a link to your chosen prize.

This week's winners are:

Kimberley Murphy
Vanessa Wilson
Katie Laidlaw
Angie Allen
Victoria Boland
Ligaya Bolton
Sasha Ahmed

Three cheers and may there be some in store for you soon if you haven't yet won!

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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Fashion Figures Unanimously Declare: 2010 is the Year of Turquoise

Did you know that on official record, 2009's color was “Mimosa Yellow?” Well, to be fair, neither did we. But it turns out that each year, the Pantone Color Institute, that governing body responsible for supplying swatches to much of the design and fashion industries, selects a specific color used to symbolize the general spirit anticipated for the twelve months ahead. We're a bit saddened by the lost opportunity to highlight the year of bright and peppy yellow, but we're more than consoled by the excellence of this year's color of choice: turquoise. A favorite of costume jewellery lovers the world over, turquoise is a color that practically beams with excitement and serenity at the same time, recalling the crystal waters of tropical island escapes (where we wouldn't mind heading at the moment given the chill bite of the Winter air) and the wonder of clear summer skies.
It's not just Pantone clamoring about this creative color, either. The fashion world is set ablaze by turquoise for 2010, with everything from gowns and eye shadow to (of course!) accessories showing off the bright hue in myriad textures, shapes, and materials. The stone itself is set to be a star in terms of embellishing garments and showing up in .925 sterling silver and wood jewellery, but turquoise is by no means limited to the black-veined beauty so often found in Native and South American jewellery items. designers point out that turquoise's comfortable position snuggled between the amiable hues of blue and green give it a sense of energy and calm at the same time, and allow it to be paired with a wide variety of other colors. From light palettes in which turquoise and other bright colors can take an airy center stage, to more dramatic and dark collections featuring pops of turquoise for interest and depth, there are many settings in which the bright blue shade is picture-perfect.
With the way the economy has been working out lately, it might seem slightly ironic that a color as jubilant as turquoise should be picked to symbolize the year ahead. But there's plenty to be said for hope, a feeling well-contained within the fresh and flashy color. In fact, fashion figures note that the choice of color is a cue to put away the gloom that the financial world has picked up lately and to start thinking once again about idyllic lifestyles, peaceful landscapes, and the thrill of having fun, whether you're in the Caribbean or thousands of miles away.
Janeo's turquoise offerings span from costume jewellery necklaces and earrings dripping with beautiful turquoise stones to other pieces proudly displaying the captivating color in beads, silks, and other materials. While 2010 still has a few weeks to get started, it's not too early to break out the turquoise and begin a celebration of vibrant rebirth –all in your favorite costume jewellery.

Janeo's turquoise rose bead necklace

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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A Ring by Any Other Name

There are so many things that can make a ring extra special. One of the first items that's bound to pop into the minds of some fashionistas is the ever-popular diamond, but there's certainly no rule demanding that all great jewellery must be encrusted with the most expensive and multi-faceted jewels possible (well, maybe if you're Marilyn Monroe –but then, we'd dare her to compare our incredible unbranded Swarovski crystals). Flowers are a popular choice, but we've never quite seen a flower ring with as much refined yet dramatic appeal as our new red rose crystal cocktail ring. Practically begging onlookers to capture your hand for a sweet sniff at its inviting petals, the rose is a large and lovely tribute to one of nature's most cherished flowers. Perfectly displaying the essence of fun and flirtiness in a cocktail ring, this piece has just a touch of the funky, with an ample dosage of classic beauty that's sure to make any gift recipient –even yourself-- involuntarily flutter a few eyelashes.

Janeo's red rose Swarovski crystal cocktail ring

Coated in romantic red shades of enamel, the rose gives off a rich and heady hue, making it a choice compliment for a stunning red dress or a stand-out accessory for pairing with a little black dress or other low-key clothing item. The rose itself is a true delight for the eyes, but it's the smatterings of Swarovski crystals that give this ring it's real magic. Strewn across the tops of the petals and set in 14k gold, trios of bright, lipstick-red crystals in Siam dance airily around the ring, providing plenty of sparkle power in all the right places. The outermost petals, dipped in the same luscious, gleaming 14 karat gold plate, feature echoing trios of crystals in clear, giving the piece a lovely counterpoint to the drama of the red. That drama is perhaps most evident in the ring's jaw-dropping centerpiece, which consists of a giant red Swarovski crystal belying the beauty of the very center of the rose, so surrounded in soft and coyly coiling petals. The ring features an adjustable band to fit any finger, and is just heavy enough to provide a satisfying weight without being overbearing or getting in the way; a great piece for going out on the town or wherever the times take you.

Janeo's red rose Swarovski crystal cocktail ring, alternate view

A garden theme may be popular for costume jewellery lovers, but be warned; you'll find no garden here. This ring is fixed on being the star of the show, drawing out the intoxicating appeal of a perfect blossom and letting it linger as long as possible in front of adoring eyes. A masterpiece made for a masterful jewellery collector, this red rose ring is a dream come true for stealing a bit of nature's most beloved bounty and offering it to those who look your way –so don't be surprised if it gets you some special attention.

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Monday, 14 December 2009

Spring Accessories Unveiled at Neiman Marcus

While some parts of the world may be feeling the full effects of the season, the depths of winter have yet to hit many areas, and tinges of cold may be seeming to carefully creep their way into homes and wardrobes, bringing out the heaviest of coats, scarves, and other winter weather accessories. How odd it might feel, then, to consider what the fashion world will offer this Spring; with many months of outerwear in store for scores of fashion lovers, the light and airy creations of the warmer months may seem a world away. But for patrons of Neiman Marcus, the time is ripe for getting a sneak peak at the accessories that will reign supreme come Spring.
As with any time of year, this Spring's accessory craze is bound to center largely on creative costume jewellery, with a special emphasis that Neiman Marcus representatives say will focus heavily on the wrists. Stacked, sparkling, or smooth, bracelets are set to play a major role in the season's costume jewellery collections, with a lighter concentration on the neck. Fun and flirty bags combined with interesting structural and fabric-covered shoes will also make significant appearances, suggests the major designer retailer. One of the biggest themes for Spring is set to circle around the idea of the safari, with plenty of neutral greens, rich browns, pastels, beiges, and tans creating a windswept, sandy, yet ultimately chic palette.
There's call for solid accessory pieces with hints of feminine appeal, making a laid-back march through the tones of the desert and the coast, calling fashionistas to bring out their natural fibers and help express the beauty of the earth. But that doesn't mean that classic sparkle and shine won't have their places amongst the season's all-star pieces. Neiman Marcus lines up jewellery bedecked with Swarovski crystals, creamy metal finishes, and sparkling gems along with more trendy items, letting shoppers mix and match the alternating rhythms of the subtle and the spectacular.
Janeo is stocked with a range of costume jewellery that can compliment the trends of any season, but it especially excels in delivering bangle bracelets and other treasures for the wrist with an ultra-high fashion quotient. From the delicate to the statement-making, Janeo's bracelets can be stacked, assorted, or worn alone to compliment any outfit. Putting together the perfect Spring accessory wardrobe may find you browsing through the shoes and bags an Neiman Marcus or your favorite fashion outlet, but when it comes to sporting trendy costume jewellery, your search is at an end.

a Janeo turquoise bracelet

Along with incredible bracelet choices, you'll find an array of versatile multi-purpose jewellery items, like USB flash keyrings adorned with elegant styles or lovable characters, and bag charms studded with crystals and beads. Slicing straight through the Winter to reach the effortless appeal of the Spring, costume jewellery will keep your fashion prowess warm through even the gloomiest of storms.

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Prize Winners Abound at Janeo

With the passing of another week, it's time to say our congratulations to a new crop of Janeo weekly winners. One look at our fantastic prize section will tell you that our winners are in for a delectable jewellery treat. If you've won, select your favorite item from this section and send us a link to its corresponding page via email. We'll take care of the rest!

This week's winners are:

Laura Hewett
Jenna Parrington
Heather Goodyer
Heather Walsh
Laura Whittle
Joanne Alcock
Marian Wynne Eames

Happy prize selecting and good luck to our other entrants!

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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Audrey Hepburn Wardrobe Sold at Auction

Modern fascination with the stars of Hollywood means there's usually plenty to explore and discover about the fashion choices of the world's favorite celebs, from red carpet critique shows to gossip rags that seem to have a never-ending supply of dirt on designers and the silver screen players who love them. Some of the most revered figures in Hollywood history, however, no longer make their way down movie opening promenades or into fashionable bars and clubs. By far one of the greatest fashion legends in Tinsel Town is Audrey Hepburn, a star who dazzled audiences with her performances in a range of classic films, and who also lit up the imagination of onlookers with her often simple, understated, and undeniably elegant couture. Many items form the actress' much-loved wardrobe was auctioned off on Tuesday night at a standing-room-only event held in London by Kerry Taylor Auctions.
The event was full to the brim with admirers of the ate film star and fashion hounds intent on scooping up a piece of what was, in the 1950s and 60s, one of the most talked-about wardrobes in the world. Dresses in black, white, and pastels –the actress' favorite colors for womens' wear--, comprised many of the lots, with plenty of little black dresses, day dresses, and suits complementing the collection. Designers such as Hubert de Givenchy, who designed many of the pieces Hepburn wore in her movies, made ample appearances throughout the wardrobe, with classic styles celebrated with a sense of taste and refinement that is unmistakably reflective of Hepburn's poise and grace. One of the highlights of the show was a wedding dress created by the Fontana sisters for Hepburn's planned marriage to James Hanson, a wedding which did not actually take place. Hepburn requested that the dress be given to someone without the money to afford such a dress on their wedding day, and the recipient, an Italian woman, decided to add the dress to the auctioned collection to pass on the storied item.
Scores of accessories were also included in the auction, from quilted Chanel bags to impeccable flat-heeled shoes and impressive costume jewellery belts. Hepburn's renowned sense of style was, after all, as visible in her choice of accessories as it was in her clothing, with ample room for sparkling Swarovski crystals and bold, solid pieces that complemented her smooth and well-kept look. Exploring the possibilities of costume jewellery can quickly yield a one-of-a-kind collection that's bound to be remembered by friends and family. With a set of bangle bracelets and cuffs, silver necklaces, impressive drop earrings, fun cocktail rings, and other costume jewellery accessories, fashion mavens can stake their claim to creating their own enviable jewellery box well worthy of passing down through the generations –or drawing in the crowds at an estate sale. Hepburn's auction showed that the appeal of true style never dies, but continues to delight the eyes and minds of the fashion-savvy throughout time.

Audrey Hepburn in costume jewellery

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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A Cute, Collectible Costume Jewellery Christmas

Shopping season is in full swing for the holidays, and no matter what special occasion you may celebrate this month, you're bound to find yourself looking for a great gift that will express your caring without breaking the bank. Jewellery is one of the most popular choices in any gift-giving season, and although jewellery may traditionally call to mind sky-high prices that seem well outside the bounds of sensible shopping this year, costume jewellery allows you to delight the special people in your life with sparkling, gleaming, gorgeous things for every taste at prices that are easy on your financial well-being. There are plenty of classic jewellery options from which to choose, but some of the more popular costume jewellery gifts are proving to be those that incorporate modern innovations and even technology. A fun and creative way to blend great looks with convenient functionality, USB jewellery is quickly amassing a cult following, pampering fashionistas and tech junkies alike with portable data storage that's as elegant as any piece on today's jewellery box.
Janeo has welcomed this growing trend with a line of USB jewellery that's perfect for every fashion sensibility, from the funky to the refined and everything in between. One of the most instantly appealing pieces in the collection is our limited edition blue doll USB jewellery charm, a flash keyring that wins big points for its cute, cheerful character and attention to maximum sparkle power. Decked in unbranded Swarovski crystals shimmering in shades of turquoise, blue, and green, this adorable bear-like doll reaches out with enamel-painted paws, greeting admirers with a winning smile articulated in pink crystal. The charm evokes a wonderful light-heartedness that is sure to add a bounce to anyone's step. The flash drive jewellery key ring is finished off with an attractive rhodium chain and a set of whimsical round baby blue beads, complimenting the hues of the crystals. An easy-to-use keyring and lobster clasp make the jewellery versatile for quick switches between key sets, bags and purses, or anywhere else you'd like to keep your data.

Janeo's cute blue doll USB keyring jewellery

The flash drive keyring keeps data safe with a slide-out USB jack with two gigabytes of storage space –plenty for a set of documents, a movie, some music, pictures, or whatever you want to take on the go. The perfect marriage of fashion and technology, this USB jewellery item will have the gift recipients on your list beaming with excitement. The keyring offers the best in costume jewellery with a swirl of highly-prized Swarovskis and spot-on trend appeal, while also serving double-duty as a valuable thumb drive capable of making vital information conveniently mobile. Put something cute and computer-friendly under the tree this year, or snag a USB jewellery piece for an anytime gift –perhaps even as a present to yourself. With this adorable bear doll flash keyring, you can be sure that whenever it's time to reach for your files, you'll be met with a smile.

Back view of blue doll USB purse charm

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Saturday, 5 December 2009

New Show to Launch for Handicapped Modeling Talent

With a penchant for creating monumental tensions between the good looks of supermodels and the aspirations of the general public, the fashion world is sometimes accused of creating unrealistic standards that ultimately harm the way that people think about themselves (a claim that, we are happy to note, cannot be especially well connected to costume jewellery). Fashion's cruelty is sometimes seen as a part of its natural appeal, while at other times it may seem to be an unfortunate if unavoidable facet of the industry. Playing with these notions in a whole new way, the television reality show “Britain's Missing Top Model” is set to launch soon, and will feature hopeful models who differ from those on other similar shows in one significant way: they're all handicapped.
Some of the contestants sport very visible handicaps; from living in a wheelchair to possessing the remnants of a lost limb, many of the models are different from their major runway counterparts in ways that seem obvious and upfront –even confrontational. Others live with disabilities that aren't as overt, such as hearing impairment –something which can certainly affect one's quality of life, but which may not cue onlookers in to the fact that someone is handicapped at all. This rift between “visible” and “invisible” handicaps is one of the first issues that helps to define and shape the show and its many emotional moments.
And emotion is bound to play a considerable role in the series, which promises the winner a spread in the magazine Marie Claire and the potential for fame and fortune that comes with snagging the top spot on a major television programme. While the contestants exhibit a strong drive to help create a meaningful revolution in the fashion industry, one capable of accepting bodies for all of their potential peculiarities and permutations, there are some unenthusiastic critics who suggest that the fashion world simply isn't ready for such ventures in modeling. With recent moves by some publishers showing more full-figured women in fashion magazines garnering a great deal of support, however, the era of the super-skinny flawless fashion model may be phasing out.
While we're interested in seeing how the show plays out, we're also eager to check out the actual fashion that makes its way onto the camera –including the costume jewellery that graces all of the unique shapes and struts of the contestants. We've already gotten sneak peeks of layered pearl necklaces, bow-tied headbands, crystal accessories, flower brooches, and other pieces worthy of a place in the spotlight. We'll be enjoying the season's exhibition of Swarovski crystals, leather cuffs, fashion watches, cocktail rings, and other pretty things complimenting the frocks and feathers worn by the models as they compete for the title. We think fashion has plenty of room for displaying the beautiful possibilities of bodies of all kinds. What's your take on whether the show –and its concept-- will be accepted in the fashion world?

Models from a handicapped reality show

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Congrats Weekly Winners!

Another week has passed, and it's time again to reward our customers and contest entrants with another round of weekly jewellery prize winners. Huzzahs this week are in store for:

Steve Pomeroy
Mr. A Betts
Michele Lewis-Black
Elaine Whittle
Laura Williams
Jackie T P Murray
Susan Holt

If you've won, send us an email with a link to your favorite item from our prize section. We'll dress it up in our signature organza packaging and send it off to join your jewellery box!

Good luck this week if you haven't won yet!

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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Fashion Design Students Support Heart Health with Red Coats Project

Sometimes, it can seem as though there's a special awareness day or black-tie benefit for a health or charitable concern at nearly every point on the calendar, but some causes are likely to be more personally meaningful than others. After all, we can't exactly remember the last time we wore a ribbon for National Frozen Foods Month, nor can we recall any enthusiastic supporters sharing their harrowing tales of a life once lived without microwaveable dinners. By contrast, however, issues that take on some of the greatest challenges of our time, such as heart health, are probably worthy of attention, and when the fashion world gets involved, there's an extra incentive to put personal effort and thought into contributing to meaningful change.
Such a contribution has been, at least in part, the goal of a program recently unveiled at Marist College in New York. The college's fashion design program supported a small group of students in creating a series of red coats for raising awareness about heart health for the American Heart Association. The coats were recently put on display at the college, after which they will be presented at a luncheon held by the AHA, finally to retire at an awards ceremony back at Marist. The coats ranged from comfortable cashmere to modern wide-belted warmers, all sporting vibrant and stand-out shades of red.

A representative of the American Heart Association speaks to fashion design students

Fashion's ability to reach out to people across a wide range of cultures and backgrounds with deep visual messages and meaning can make it a powerful medium for advocacy, and securing the assistance of a major fashion department or brand is an attractive prospect for many organizations. The American Heart Association is continually searching for ways in which to improve public understanding and concern about heart health, as related medical concerns constitute some of the most devastating and widespread in the country and around the world.
Of course, you don't have to make your own coat to show your support for the AHA or for those who are struggling with heart-related health problems. Donating to a reputable charity is always a good option, and donning some fabulous scarlet costume jewellery can make you feel even more involved. Janeo has a selection of costume jewellery pieces in red that can tickle the hues in your jewellery box and help you show your support for heart health. This pair of heart-shaped red Swarovski crystal earrings topped with clear crystal studs is a stellar option.

Janeo's red Swarovski crystal earrings

But not all heart health messages necessarily have to say it with red. If pink's more to your liking, you can still bring out the best of jewellery with a meaning with Janeo's contemporary double heart Swarovski crystal pin in two delectable shades of pink.

a pink art-deco Swarovski crystal brooch

No matter how you choose to do your part for heart health, you can find a way to symbolize the strength that comes from confronting today's challenges with quality, affordable costume jewellery, from .925 sterling silver bangles to bright and lively glass beads necklaces.

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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Classic yet Updated Wood and Leather Watch will Keep You on Time with Style

Costume jewellery has done a remarkable job of exhibiting its beauty and visual prowess in bracelets, earrings, necklaces, brooches, cuffs, and cocktail rings, but there's another way in which the attractive and affordable materials of costume pieces can delight the eyes. Watches are an essential fashion accessory that lend not only beauty and traditional nuances of form, but which can be extraordinarily helpful throughout the day, as well. With all the modern devices such as cellphones, personal assistants, tiny portable computers, e-book readers, and beyond, there are scores of ways to find the time for most modern urbanites. But relying on a classic timepiece is not without its own perks –most prominently the point that a watch lets the wearer keep good time in effortless style that simply can't be found with a communications device. Janeo is pleased to offer a range of exciting watches that incorporate some of the industry's most highly-sought and celebrated materials, and this relaxed yet refined wood and leather watch is among the most enchanting choices in our collection.

Janeo's leather and wood watch in tan and brown

Our wood and leather ladies' watch features a generously wide genuine leather band with a creamy, soft suppleness and rich intensity of color. The band can be purchased in two color combinations; either an eye-popping, contemporary orange lined with pristine winter white, or a chocolate brown tone offset by light tan. The bands for these watches are smooth to the touch and embody the very best of leather's luxury. The ample cuff is finished off with gracefully rounded edges and a clean belt closure, creating a sleek and collected look that highlights the immediate beauty of the watch. The true star of the show in this piece, however, is naturally its focal point, the watch dial itself. Crafted of complex and infinitely interesting hardwood, the watch dial has a slightly curved construction that evokes the comfortable shapes of big puffed marshmallows and pillows worthy of sleeping in. The dial is cut in the center to reveal a fashionably modern watch face, displayed on a white background for the orange and white color combination, and on a toffee brown shade for the chocolate and tan option. With easy-to-read yet stylish silver numbers, the watch face makes glancing towards one's wrist to find the time both fast and fun. Silver lining around the clear glass and a matching silver winding knob complete the polished look.

orange and white leather and wood watch

Quite possibly the ultimate holiday gift, this watch represents the very best of costume jewellery style and sensibility. Imagine the eyes of a friend or loved one light up upon discovering the attractive lines and cool materials of this watch, or treat yourself to a personal present that's sure to keep you on the timely edge of punctuality and fashionable panache. With a reliable, quality Citizen TIME watch mechanism and a one year warranty for the dial itself, this piece is a wearable sensation for every season.

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