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Friday, 25 December 2009

Fashion in the Philippines gets Sweet, Creamy

The Philippines have long been a fashion hot spot, with designers quickly putting themselves through the challenges of fashion and art schools to emerge with attractive items that national fashionistas and aficionados around the world can truly appreciate. Recently, however, the country took part in a promotional fashion festival that may seem especially strange to Western eyes, particularly those that have never considered the unlikely combination of fashion and ice cream in the past. Fashion and ice cream? The pair may not seem to go together on the first pass, but if you've ever dreamed of gleaming gowns or decadent costume jewellery while working on a pint of your favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor, you'll recognize that the marriage has some seriously sweet potential.
That potential was the star of the show at a recent catwalk special held in Manilla, in which some of the Philippines' most promising and popular designers showed off their Spring and Summer 2010 looks –all of which included, in some way, one of the flavors present in dairy company Nestle's “Heaven” ice cream. The flavors, consisting of a rich velvety Belgian chocolate, a smooth strawberry with chunks of fruit, and a soft vanilla loaded with caramel and almond slices, had plenty to bring out in fabric, cut, and color, making for a creative show that may have inspired the taste buds as much as the eyes. Strutting down the catwalk in creations that recalled various disco fashions and modern takes on classic warm-weather pieces, the models looked perfectly attuned to the hot fashion trends of today's Philippines, while also playing the part of cool and creamy treats –a combination that had many critics praising the proceedings.
There are endless ways to get inspired for new fashion looks, whether you're after a new outfit or a refreshed costume jewellery wardrobe. From your favorite confections to global events and beyond, the stories behind personal picks in fashion pieces can be every bit as interesting and appealing as the pieces themselves. When you're hankering for something special and sweet, try sweeping on a heavy bangle bracelet or incorporating a sparkling, delicate costume jewellery brooch into your outerwear. You can slip on a leather belt with a particularly eye-catching buckle, or accessorize your bag with a charm or key ring that adds a little extra style to your overall look.
Though efforts to retain at least a little of one's health and normal blood sugar as the holidays progress may make scarfing down a tub of ice cream strictly off-limits, fashion fiends can still benefit from sweet sensations by opting for fashion and accessory choices that recall the dreamy texture and taste of their favorite treats. Whether it's ice cream, birthday cake, sugar cookies, or other delicious morsels from the family kitchen or the neighborhood boutique, treats can serve as a great inspiration for fashion that looks, feels, and tastes spectacular.

A model displays ice cream-inspired clothing

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