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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Fashion Figures Unanimously Declare: 2010 is the Year of Turquoise

Did you know that on official record, 2009's color was “Mimosa Yellow?” Well, to be fair, neither did we. But it turns out that each year, the Pantone Color Institute, that governing body responsible for supplying swatches to much of the design and fashion industries, selects a specific color used to symbolize the general spirit anticipated for the twelve months ahead. We're a bit saddened by the lost opportunity to highlight the year of bright and peppy yellow, but we're more than consoled by the excellence of this year's color of choice: turquoise. A favorite of costume jewellery lovers the world over, turquoise is a color that practically beams with excitement and serenity at the same time, recalling the crystal waters of tropical island escapes (where we wouldn't mind heading at the moment given the chill bite of the Winter air) and the wonder of clear summer skies.
It's not just Pantone clamoring about this creative color, either. The fashion world is set ablaze by turquoise for 2010, with everything from gowns and eye shadow to (of course!) accessories showing off the bright hue in myriad textures, shapes, and materials. The stone itself is set to be a star in terms of embellishing garments and showing up in .925 sterling silver and wood jewellery, but turquoise is by no means limited to the black-veined beauty so often found in Native and South American jewellery items. designers point out that turquoise's comfortable position snuggled between the amiable hues of blue and green give it a sense of energy and calm at the same time, and allow it to be paired with a wide variety of other colors. From light palettes in which turquoise and other bright colors can take an airy center stage, to more dramatic and dark collections featuring pops of turquoise for interest and depth, there are many settings in which the bright blue shade is picture-perfect.
With the way the economy has been working out lately, it might seem slightly ironic that a color as jubilant as turquoise should be picked to symbolize the year ahead. But there's plenty to be said for hope, a feeling well-contained within the fresh and flashy color. In fact, fashion figures note that the choice of color is a cue to put away the gloom that the financial world has picked up lately and to start thinking once again about idyllic lifestyles, peaceful landscapes, and the thrill of having fun, whether you're in the Caribbean or thousands of miles away.
Janeo's turquoise offerings span from costume jewellery necklaces and earrings dripping with beautiful turquoise stones to other pieces proudly displaying the captivating color in beads, silks, and other materials. While 2010 still has a few weeks to get started, it's not too early to break out the turquoise and begin a celebration of vibrant rebirth –all in your favorite costume jewellery.

Janeo's turquoise rose bead necklace

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