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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Rihanna Rocks the Fashion Set at the AMAs

There was plenty of red-hot red-carpet action to go around recently at the celebration of the American Music Awards, with some artists garnering heaps of praise while others were given their fair share of criticism in gossip rags and on celebrity-obsessed television shows. But few can deny that singer Rihanna made a formidable attempt at stealing the show in her red carpet number. Decked out in a black and white structural gown featuring and abstract, strapless bust and full skirt with open front, the singer put forward plenty of sex appeal while still managing to keep an elegant, collected character. Typically caught in the spotlight wearing attention-getting colors and sporting edgy designer pieces, Rihanna wowed the crowds with her more classic choice for the awards show, and even had some critics wondering if it was “too nice” for the event.

Rihanna at the AMA awards

Rihanna certainly go a chance to bring out the edgeware during her on-stage performances, however. Putting on a considerable spectacle with two songs off her new album, Rated R, the singer channeled Micheal Jackson in a tight, strappy white concoction topped off with stand-out shoulder pads bedecked with red lasers. Her show likewise took on a theme recalling the theatrics of Jackson's Thriller, fitting choices given that the recently deceased star picked up a handful of awards in his memory at the event.
Like many observers, we have a sweet spot for Rihanna's choice of fashion pieces for the show, but we couldn't help but notice how entirely bereft of jewelry the singer was as she hit the red carpet in her two-toned gown. Certainly, there are some pieces that call for minimal accessorising, and choosing little to no jewellery can help make a strong fashion statement even more powerful. But at an event such as the American Music Awards, we want to see some bright stones, gleaming silver, and other costume jewellery elements that usually only get to shine on the red carpet. Pulling of an organized look doesn't have to be a chore with modern costume jewellery, and Janeo stocks several jewellery gifts we think would have worked wonders with Rihanna's otherwise outstanding dress.

Janeo's black and white brooch

Janeo's chandelier earrings

This crystal brooch in a relaxed star shape is brimming with sparkle appeal and has just the right amount of flourish to set the cameras ablaze without being overbearing. Featuring alternating black and clear unbranded Swarovski crystals, the fashion pin jewellery is the perfect match for a monochrome frock. A splash of color in just the right places can really bring out the best in a black and white dress, however, and we can't think of a better way to accomplish such a swath of gentle hue than with our multi-colored Swarovski crystal chandelier earrings. Offsetting the bare shoulders creating by the gown, this pair would have worked wonders for Rihanna's red carpet ensemble. Did you think the singer deserved the red carpet accolades at the show this year? Or was someone else better-dressed?

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