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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Victoria Beckham Credits 7-Year-Old Son with Fashion Design Help

Victoria Beckham, otherwise known as Posh Spice, has been a central figure of fashion and celebrity in the UK for several years. From her much-copied haircut to her seemingly failsafe insistence on perfectly tanned and toned skin at special events, the pop star and wife of renowned football star David Beckham is frequently featured in magazines, gossip rags, and of course, plenty of places online. Other than traversing the globe looking fabulous, however, Beckham has also begun to show an increasing interest in fashion design, the latest result of which is the launch of her new label. Working towards bringing her distinctive style and sense of taste to stores for her admirers, Beckham has purportedly devoted many hours and lots of effort to establishing herself as a trustworthy source for spot-on clothing and accessories. Where precisely the Spice Girl gets her inspiration hasn't always been clear, but recently, the singer divulged that her seven year old son Romeo has played a part in her design choices.
Romeo, who is the middle child in the Beckhams' collection of three young boys, is apparently quite interested in his mother's new profession, asking to be taken to work and to participate in the production of design and textile work. Beckham notes that her son loves to feel fabrics and speak his mind about various fashion pieces, and often offers his opinions on his mother's own apparel choices. In fact, Beckham has related that on some occasions, her sons have helped her to avert potential fashion disasters, such as the combination of skinny jeans and an opera cape which cause her children to exclaim that she looked like Batman –not likely the precise look she was hoping to achieve.
Involving the creativity of children in fashion and design work might not always be the wisest of choices, but the honest opinions of the young may indeed lend assistance to those hoping to create pieces that will dazzle and impress potential buyers and lookers-on. Not strictly limited to clothes themselves, children may also be able to provide insight on collections and combinations of costume jewellery. Helping to identify items that clash and putting together pieces that are made for each other in ways that might not readily be apparent to a trained eye overworked with the perception of aesthetics in daily life, kids might prove to be an especially effective mirror.
Next time you're deliberating over whether to pair a multi-tiered necklace with a bangle bracelet, or aren't sure if a certain pair of crystal drop earrings go with the neckline of an evening gown, consider soliciting the opinion of someone who can offer a frank decision on the spot with no bias: a child. You might just find that by taking Victoria Beckham's lead and involving youth in your fashion decisions, you can add a bit of extra fun –and an extra layer of security-- to how you compose your look.

A trio of pictures displaying Victoria Beckham's fashion prowess

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