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Saturday, 7 November 2009

When Great Accessories go Along for the Ride with Bad Outfits

The work of a great accessory is nearly never done. Having to bring out the best of whatever it's accompanying, along with the wearer's natural features and style, accessories from costume jewellery pieces like cocktail rings and charm bracelets to purses, shoes, and scarves have a lot of style quotient to pull off in any given ensemble. Usually, with a basic getup or even a more complex set of clothes, costume jewellery is able to put in a remarkable performance. Sometimes, though, it must work overtime to combat the occasional bewildering fashion choice, especially in the case of celebrities dragging their jewellery pieces along with them into the spotlight. Such was the case on a recent X-Factor episode in which host Cheryl Cole by now famously donned a quizzical dress by designer David Koma. Plastered across the web and in fashion and gossip mags, Cole's choice even got a surprised reaction out of fellow host Simon Cowell, who told Cole that she “had better sit up in that dress.” We've done our duty and taken in the full horror of the frock along with everyone else, but we've also spotted Cole's set of perfect bangle earrings putting in extra duty to suggest to criticising onlookers that even if her taste in dresses is a bit misguided, there are plenty of accessory memories to be made on the show.
The star wore a pair of amply-sized, polished metal bangles at a perfect mid-length, resting about halfway between her jawline and shoulders, emphasizing her neck and echoing the sleek look of her well-groomed updo. The earrings were no doubt chosen as a tribute to the 60's British mod look, well-matched by Cole's pair of dark matte thigh-high black boots. With earrings like these, we could almost be persuaded to overlook the jaw-droppingly awful dress that made its way onto the camera, but the sheer oddness of the swerving neckline, protruding armpits, and scrap metal-esque silver appliques (are those pieces of rebar or perhaps fridge magnets?) make it hard to stand by without saying anything.
Nevertheless, we think Cole's bangle earrings did a great job of showing that accessories can help dampen the blow of even the worst fashion faux pas. Of course, we'd love to see them working their magic alongside an outfit that doesn't evoke a bizarre space-age Barbie, but there are plenty of episodes left in which the set might get the chance to make a second appearance. We do our best to stuff our online catalogue full of original costume jewellery pieces that know how to handle the best and the worse of fashion situations, helping every outfit find the perfect flourishes in form, color, and creativity with prices that make owning an ample wardrobe easy. Next time you're not sure of a daring fashion choice, step out with the best of costume jewellery for support –but we imagine you'll fare better than Cole in any case.

Cheryl Cole in a questionable dress

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