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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Michael Jackson's Stage Costumes on Display

The recent craze over the life and works of Michael Jackson, who passed away earlier this year, has been heating up even more in recent days and weeks in anticipation of the release of This is It, the documentary that will give fans a taste of the series of comeback concerts that would have marked a major world-wide tour for Jackson had his unexpected death been kept at bay. Eager to see clips of the King of Pop doing his famous dance moves and working through the demands of dancer auditions and other behind-the-scenes action, fans are gearing up to get a final glimpse of the star who reigned on the pop charts for decades with mega-hit songs and music videos. For the concerts, Jackson had a bevy of designers from around the world at beck and call to create some of the most outlandish and inventive stage costumes imaginable –all with tributes to Jackson's original style. Yet these costumes won't be given much, if any, of a spotlight in This is It; for a look at what the star would have donned on stage, fans can venture to the O2 Arena in London, or can wait for the traveling collection to come to New York and Tokyo.
The collection of costumes represents some of the most painstakingly produced stage items ever made, with such items as intricate embroidered suits, eye-popping shoulder pad structures, and a single glove designed for the performance of “Billie Jean” which features scores of Swarovski crystals lit by emerging LED technology that was rushed into production for the sole purpose of serving Jackson's call for unforgettable costumes. Well-known for extraordinary pieces that started trends and defined entire eras in music, Jackson could have been reasonably expected to attend his concerts in high style. But one look at the costumes on display in this traveling collection shows the power of what can be accomplished when one of the world's greatest fashion icons pairs with designers such as Zaldy, Dior, and Balmain.
Those who take in the documentary are sure to find a farewell befitting of the King of Pop, with incredible song and dance numbers that doubtless would have had critics raving had the live performances been carried out, but which nevertheless convey the raw talent and skill of Jackson through rehearsal alone. Paired with the splendor of his costumes (not to mention his penchant for beautiful pins, belts, and other costume jewellery items) and the visual tribute to the star's unique and unforgettable place in fashion history, fans can find comfort, inspiration, and celebration of a man who seemed larger than life, even if his final years produced some degree of scandal and confusion. As with so many emotions, concepts, and ideas, fashion has decided that it can take on the job of sorting everything out; all that's needed to get the perfect parting picture of Jackson is to behold his over the top yet entirely appropriate comeback tour costume collection.

Michael Jackson's stage costumes for his comeback tour

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