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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

An Elegant Abstraction Ready for Your Own Meaning

Costume jewellery has enjoyed a strong concentration on literal forms for ages; pieces depicting animals, special signs, and other recognizable objects are especially popular and often show off just what the gorgeous materials and structures of costume jewellery can do. But that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of excellent examples of abstract art in costume pieces. The ability to create a sense of beauty and inspire emotion through line and form without directly recalling a certain subject may be a goal of fine jewellery, costing shoppers oodles of cash, but it's also something that costume jewellery can pull off wonderfully without requiring a complete emptying of the pockets. One of the best examples we've ever seen of such talent with abstract form is in this stunning pearl, crystal, and bronze brooch pin, a Janeo favorite that's sure to find itself nestled into sweaters, coats, and other cold weather staples this season.

pearl abstract brooch

The brooch begins with a simple statement in bronze metal, polished to a rich lustre that catches the light without being too showy. This perfect pin backdrop has been fashioned into a sweeping, curved line, reminiscent of the elegant arch of a ballerina's uplifted arm or the subtle curling of steam over a mug of warm cocoa. While the metal is in itself a pleasing and attractive sight, it is but the stage for a symphony of harmonious costume jewellery elements that can be matched with nearly any outfit or jewellery collection. Slightly off-centered in a complimentary angle, a cluster of three black “leaves” rests in a vision of tiny black Swarovski crystals. The leaf shapes may inspire pictures of twirling grapevines or falling aspen foliage, or they may appear more like hearts or other decorative elements. The beauty of this piece is largely in the ambiguity of the crystal shapes, and the ability of the wearer –along with anyone else viewing the brooch-- to conjure up their own idea of what might be suggested by the shapes.

alternate view of Janeo's inventive crystal and pearl brooch

Playing a beautiful staccato around the entire pin, generously sized gunmetal pearls add counterpoint to the piece and draw the eye with their creamy, classic allure. The pearls create a warmth that serves to offset the sleekness of the metal bas and add extra interest to the crystal shapes. Wearing this pin, whether to a special occasion or as part of an everyday jewellery wardrobe, is an experience for the eyes as well as for the mind, and will play with your ideas about jewellery as art, and will make you take on new perspectives as you adorn yourself with costume jewellery. You'll also be able to use the pin as a conversation starter, and are bound to receive plenty of compliments; in fact, having a story to tell about this pin, and what you see in it, will likely become one of the greatest ice-breakers in your repertoire. Affordable and lightweight, this pin is perfect for any recipient –including you.

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