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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Take a Bite Out of the Accessory Slump

The problems wreaking havoc on the stock market and in purses large and small around the world may be having a noticeable impact on big business, and the issues might even extend to the average fashionita's ability to get just one more pair of shoes for the season (the opportunity to gain some hardcore decision-making skills between suede and calfskin lurks therein, however). Unfortunately, the icy clutches of the financial commotion are also threatening to put a bit of a tarnish on the world of accessories –but not when it comes to costume jewellery. The effortless affordability of costume jewellery pieces in any season, for any occasion, gives it the robust character that can charge through nearly any challenge. While other accessory sectors are feeling the hurt, costume jewellery is doing just fine. And you can add your vote of confidence to the enduring power of looking glam and great by dressing up your accessories wardrobe with costs that won't make your wallet cringe.
Case in point: our beautiful, complex, and chic apple and hearts key ring chain pendant. If that description sounds like a mouthful, it's because there's simply so much going on in this piece, yet it still manages to convey a refined style and sense of cool, preppy freshness that you might have thought was limited to jewellery items in the hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Glancing over this versatile costume jewellery accessory, you'll find the focal point in two silver and gold toned charms of graduated sizes; one stands out with its wide, central open space, allowing a smaller twin to dangle gracefully inside of it. The charms feature a sleek, stylized apple shape that also resembles matching hearts, making it easy to add your own imagination and meaning to the piece.

apple and hearts charm necklace chain keyring

Strewn across the charms are a symphony of diamante clear Swarovski crystal stones in various sizes, adding sparkle and interest to the twists and curves of the metal, and instantly turning this accessory towards the limelight of all that is glamorous. There's no denying that this item looks fantastic, but how it's worn is another issue entirely. You'd be hard-pressed to find a way that doesn't work for this remarkable jewellery piece. It comes dangling upon an ample silver neck chain, making it perfect for wearing as a necklace, or for stringing a few times around a wrist or ankle to add shimmer and sheen to the limbs. The charm also features a large key ring with a convenient lobster clasp, which makes it perfect for adding something extra special to your keys or attaching to a purse or other accessory item for a bit of flash and flair.

our apple and hearts costume jewellery chain worn as a bag charm
Both the chain and the key ring can be removed, making the apple and hearts charm jewellery accessory easy to adapt and change according to your tastes. Imagine all the crisp and sentimental beauty of this well-crafted piece gracing your outfits or tagging along with your daily accessory ensemble. It's a vision you'll love to claim as your own reality –especially when you see the price.

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