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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Lady Gaga and the Exploration of Alternative

Achieving a remarkable degree of fame in a flash with her recent single “Just Dance,” Lady Gaga has fast become a staple of the international clubbing scene, and has recently won the award for Best New Artist from MTV. Yet these awards and accolades have come up against a fair amount of flaming in the face of the twenty-three year old diva's often outlandish fashion choices, which have been the subject of quite a few controversies. From vampire teeth to significantly studded stiletto boots and well beyond to lace-covered masks, outrageous hats, and 60's-era sunglasses, Lady Gaga is usually seen bedecked in creations from her own fashion label, Haus of Gaga. While many critics may not exactly be kind, plenty of the singer and songwriter's fans have shown their support for the daring fashion moves, noting that amongst sour financial times replete with boring or overly-conservative designs, Lady Gaga's explorations in design are quite welcome. We've outlined some of her most famous outfits to give you a taste of the Gaga craze.

Lady Gaga and her round sunglasses

The glasses may be a bit Lennon-esque, but their round, refined throwback to the days of flower power often provides a comfortable counterpoint to Gaga's otherwise ostentatious outfits. Sitting well on her face, they represent a fun and fashionable love of accessories –something the singer has never been shy about showing off. Like a great piece of costume jewellery, Gaga's glasses are both unique and instantly recognizable, making them a great choice, even if they meet with their fair share of criticism.

Lady Gaga's red lace MTV awards ensemble

Lady Gaga made quite a statement in her ensemble at the MTV music awards recently. Not everyone is sure precisely what that statement was, but its clear a lot of work and thought went into the make-up. With a sultry red lace dress, matching mask and Francis Bacon-like crown, and a tumble of platinum blonde curls, Gaga evoked the fashion-forward sex appeal of Madonna in her early years, even if she had to eventually remove the mask in order to be heard. The show of daring and adventure was a big step forward for fashionistas who hope to wear what works for them –while looking fabulous at the same time. Not every such adventure has to take on Lady Gaga's extremes, of course. Trying out a new pin, bracelet, or costume jewellery cell phone charm is a good way to break from the mold. And unlike some celebrities, Gaga has shown that her interesting accessory choices aren't limited to special events; any venue is fair game.

Stepping out in style isn't always an exercise in paying strict attention to the rules of the runway, as Lady Gaga has been insistently showing the world. Though taking chances sometimes means facing a bit of skepticism, the rewards of feeling and looking like yourself, in all your true colors, are often more than enough to set the score right.

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