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Thursday, 24 September 2009

London Lights Up its Fashion Week with Bright Colors

Anyone following the latest runway adventures in New York fashion is likely to report that while some fashion week designers made clear efforts to move away from design trends doting on the recession, the majority of seasonal items were far from being especially adventurous. With the exception of a litany of super-short skirts, the shows on the western side of the Atlantic have been fairly tame, a theme which London has answered with decided contrast. Parading down runways and popping up at special garden and tent shows throughout London Fashion Week, dreamy creations in bright -–some might even say crazy-- colors were omnipresent, bringing out smiles and astonishment as fluorescents and other bold hues made their way into the designers' creations.
Thin and flirty fabrics abounded in many of the collections, helping to bolster the fairy-like air of long and flowing dresses and scores of sleeveless concoctions. Hair and makeup seemed something out of A Midsummer Night's Dream, with wispy do's and wild makeup recalling more exciting and carefree times. Indeed, it seems that London designers got the call to inject a bit of fun and freedom back into the fashion world, elements which have seemed palpably absent in recent seasons as the effects of the global financial crisis make contact with the world of fashion. Bringing back some of the spirit of creative design and experimentation, the clothes featured at London Fashion Week may help inspire women to re-connect with the experience of dressing up and expression through fashion all over again.
Amongst all the commotion with color, accessories had a bit of a difficult time playing the stand-out game as they have in previous shows. But of course, such items are never altogether absent. Shoes, bags, and other accoutrements stayed easy and accessible, and jewellery made a decided nod towards costume pieces. Whether big and bold with colors and textures reflecting the celebration of the clothing or providing a subtle counterpoint with simple lines and materials, costume jewellery was out in full force at London fashion week, gracing necklines, wrists, ears, and fingers with myriad stories that glittered and sparkled.
Collections were described as being full of energy and life -–things which many women may be looking for as they turn towards the future and focus on re-tooling for lifestyle changes that may or may not have been foreseen. While somber pieces have been dominating the market for a while, and more severe and serious shows have made their mark on the fashion world on either side of the pond, this refreshing fashion week has shown that designers and their supporters are ready to start stepping out in optimism and new thought once again. With the help of brilliant colors, adventurous fabrics, and the always-affordable glimmer of gorgeous costume jewellery, London's fashion set may prove that the real party has only just begun.

models in bright creations during London Fashion Week

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