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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Fun Flourishes with Juicy Colors

Traditionally, brooches have commanded the realm of the elegant accessory; whether finishing a favorite scarf or shawl in a sparkling culmination or showing off a new sweater, brooches have tended to take on a decidedly formal throughout many different movements in jewellery design. Affordable jewelry has often attempted to mimic the fine pieces worn by the wealthy and famous, sometimes with admirable results. But the brooch of today can easily be crafted within the affordable jewelry range without having to settle for being a mere mock-up of another piece. The modern brooch isn't just about elegance; it's about flourish, fun, and showing off the beauty of prized materials. Our multicolored crystal and rhinestone brooch is a perfect example of the joy and personality of modern pins, and is a colorful celebration of substance and style that will bring life and energy to any outfit.

multi-colored costume jewellery brooch

Starting with a swirling, fluid, brass-plated stem, the brooch weaves a sophisticated series of arches in subdued metal to serve as the basis for a bright and jubilant palette. Studded along the stem with a whimsical variety, bold, jewel-toned Swarovski crystals sparkle with light and color. Ranging from vibrant aquamarine to candy pink and lemon yellow, these multi-faceted round gems make the brooch pop with interest and help create the perfect setting for the floral brilliance to come.
And come it does; bursting with fresh color and a unique texture, a many-petaled crystal flower steals the show, offset by a matching pear-shaped deep green leaf. The petals, in alternating hues of red, pink, amber, turquoise, and green, are individually carved with a rugged surface that plays with the light, creating an endlessly interesting sunburst design that's sure to draw attention. At the very center of the flower, a generous aurora borealis crystal winks and glimmers with hints of a thousand different colors, a true luxury for the eyes. Measuring a substantial yet pleasantly lightweight six by three and a half centimeters, the brooch is an ideal size for a number of wearing options.
The complement of choice for a modern bride's ensemble, this costume jewelry brooch is bursting with appeal that's timeless and refined yet proudly progressive at the same time. Pinned to a dress or worn as a corsage, this brooch is sure to make colorful memories and bring out the beauty and meaning of the occasion. But you don't have to say “I do” to justify a brilliant entrance with this eye-catching brooch. Just right for both business attire and casual wear, the jeweled pin is a great addition to an otherwise monochromatic theme, or can help bring together the many elements of a more eclectic outfit. Complementary during the warmer months and a cheerful reminder of the coming spring when it's cold, the pin is a true treat for the senses and deserves a place of honor in any jewellery box.

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