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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Say Hello, Kitty!

There are few characters as universally recognized and adored as Hello Kitty. With an always-sunny, sweet disposition, the famous feline evokes a sense of childlike wonder and infinite cuteness that's difficult to resist. We certainly found ourselves unable to turn down the limitless appeal of Hello Kitty when we saw this classic cell phone charm fashioned in an homage to her meowing majesty. While cell phones these days may seem to come equipped with every accessory under the sun, incorporating scores of extra options and add-ons that help people communicate and stay entertained, their design often leaves something wanting. Most of us aren't gadget designers and we can't exactly get Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, and other manufacturers to take our costume jewellery prattling into account when it's time to create a new product, but, being the resourceful folks we are, we've decided to start offering the next best thing: cell phone charms.

Hello Kity cell phone bag charm

Accessorizing gadgets with phone straps laced with any number of delicious costume jewellery designs, a simple phone can go from factory standard to fashionably fabulous in a matter of seconds. With endless options for personalization, our mobile phone charms are a perfect way to add something special to a device you'll likely have to look at multiple times a day –you might as well make it more pleasant to see! That pleasantness is easy to achieve with our Hello Kitty cell phone charm. Measuring two and a half by three centimeters, Ms. Kitty's lovely head is suspended on a ten centimeter black cell phone strap, and weighs in at a super-light ten grams. Adding a wonderful appeal to any cell phone without weighing it down or becoming an obstacle, the charm glistens with crystals that may make your regular jewellery items a bit jealous.
Swarovski crystals are purrfectly laid out across the surface of the charm; tiny, round, and gorgeously clear sparklers comprise the kitty's head and ears, while three jet black crystals define her eyes and nose. Of course, Hello Kitty wouldn't be herself without her trademark bow, and our mobile phone charm beautifully illustrates her favorite accessory in lustrous aurora borealis crystals. Emanating an innocent and friendly attitude, this charm is a wonderful way to add personality to a phone, starting off every conversation with a bit of carefree splendor. Send a joyful message to friends and peers and share your love of the lighter side of life with with ultra-fashionable phone accessory.

Hello Kitty cell phone charm in gold and green

Trends may come and go, but the cell phone has firmly established itself as a must-have item that's essential for keeping up with modern communications and a fast-paced lifestyle. You can make your mobile phone part of your overall accessory scheme with our delightful cell phone charms, and if you're looking for the perfect compliment to a girly gadget, our Hello Kitty silver charm will do just the trick.
PS: She's also available with a light chartreuse bow for days when you're feeling more colorful!

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