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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Milan Beats New York for Top Fashion Hot Spot

There are a number of cities that come to mind when considering the centers of the world of fashion and design. Cities like Paris, Rome, Tokyo, and London typically make the major lists, but two of the most heavily competing cities in recent years have been New York and Milan. As Italy's traditional fashion capital, Milan has become increasingly associated with high fashion as the national design landscape flourishes, and despite closing out the previous year in the number four spot, the city has now risen to first place, sending New York down a notch.
A growing number of heavily watched celebrities, such as Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, have been spotted romping around the fashion capital, their shopping bag exploits recorded as well as possible to the eagerly awaiting masses. But it's probably not solely to Posh Spice's credit that this city has broke through the ranks to claim a total victory over the world's other fashion hopefuls. Milan's relatively small size and density in comparison to many of the other cities on the list may have a lot to do with its sudden surge in popularity. Providing the perfect environment for design day-dreaming, Milan plays host to many professionals and students, yet isn't over-saturated, giving it a kind of natural and undiscovered feel that has evidently paid off in full.
Of course, the effects of the global financial downturn may have a lot to do with Milan's rise over good old New York. As budgets dwindle and corners are cut, many Americans who previously supported the luxury market and played an active role in the national fabric of couture have quietly stepped offstage, with the result that less funding and less interest is being poured into the US' fashion mecca. Milan, on the other hand, is home to some of the most dedicated fashion lovers and patrons in the world, and a greater ability to grapple with the economy's claws may have helped the city stand its ground.
But just where do these ratings come from, after all? Who decides which city is the best during any given year? Simply put, you do. The public and private interests that drive the media lead to a certain score for each city comprised of its prevalence in fashion news for a given period. The data, which is collected by a non-profit group in the US, is analyzed and released on a regular basis. The group noted that in addition to Milan's sweeping victory, the cities of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janiero, Barcelona, Mumbai, and Miami have also done extraordinarily well.
Though the specific ranking of each city may not have a major impact on the lives of each and every fashionista out there, planning a trip to the current hotspot –with proper preparations for pairing outfits with costume jewellery, of course--, may prove an especially enjoyable annual activity.

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