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Thursday, 20 August 2009

All Hail the September Fashion Mag Issues

To the truly committed, each edition of a favorite fashion magazine has its special allure, calling forth from the newsstands, beckoning buyers to browse through the glossy pages and dream up new directions in their own personal design. But for most of the world, the season that really matters is fall, and the issue that exemplifies autumn is the one produced, published, and proffered in September. In fact, the special edition has enjoyed enough generation to be the star of an upcoming documentary of the same name, which follows Anna Wintour and her team through the production of Vogue. What's so special about the September issue? The elements are practically endless.
One of the most oft-cited reasons why September issues of fashion magazines carry so much weight is that readers are typically instilled with a desire to buy their items for the year as the leaves begin to turn. Possibly stemming from the days when the coming fall meant a return to school and the need for a new, well-fitting wardrobe, this basic instinct drives scores of fashion lovers to the stores come Autumn, and designers are intent on putting perfectly prepared visions in their heads before they break out the bucks.
The sheer differences between the summer and fall fashion wardrobes may also be at least partially responsible for the gravity of the September issue. While browsing for a swimsuit while already in a swimsuit, or preparing to move from a tank dress to an all-out sun dress may be a bit anti-climatic, imagining the look and feel of a thick sweater or heavy coat while at the beach can be especially enticing. Rather than simply fading into a slightly different design or structure, the shift from summer to fall presents ample opportunities for the imagination to wander –and to be captivated by well-presented ideas.
Those who've already begun to dig into this year's crop of fall fashion bibles may have noticed that the load is a little lighter than is normally to be expected. As a growing number of advertisers spend less funds on major campaigns, either ruling out the coveted ad spots in September editions or seriously paring down on their extent, most fashion magazines to hit the stands this fall will be a little easier to carry home.
But while the thickness of these fall mainstays may diminish a little as the economic crisis grips the fashion world, there's no sign that they'll be going away altogether any time soon. With scores of fashion-forward men and women pouncing on the shelves to get a glimpse of the season's best offerings, the charm and attraction of the September issue is still formidably strong. If you haven't thumbed your way through a fashion magazine of choice this month, pull up a chair –or a beach towel-- and feast your eyes on what's new for fall this year. We'll gladly take your reports on all the costume jewellery goodies you can find!

A selection of September magazine issues

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