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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Fall Fashion Envisions Biker Chic with Studded Accessories

There's something about fall that seems to make it ripe for the rediscovery of the allure of the biker chic. In the sudden cool of afternoons and evenings, in the swirling of falling leaves, and in the rich colors of sunset, the image of a tough and decidedly fashion-forward woman can seem as crisp and refreshing as an autumn breeze. It's no wonder, then, that among recent offerings and shows for fall fashion, the biker chick theme has found firm footing. Angular jackets, dramatic over-the-knee boots, plenty of leather and rich pieces in black, and scores of other items unmistakably headed towards the haute couture of the Harley Davidson have appeared on recent runways and in advertisements, bringing out a bit of the bad girl for current clothing lines. But far and wide, the most generous application of biker chic elements has been wrought into the season's accessories. From shoes and boot heels and straps to necklaces, bracelets, bags, belts, and bag charms, accessories for fall have clearly been updated with a bit of the outrageous.
Studs and spikes may not fall into everyone's imagination of the perfect outfit –especially when there's dancing or other close-quarters shenanigans to be anticipated. But those without a particular penchant for the pointy stuff can still take advantage of the look of the season by applying such elements to fashion accessories. Numerous bags parading their way into stores just in time for the fall line have been adorned with sought metal elements, making it easy to take advantage of the trend. An scores of stiletto heels, stacked sandals, and other endlessly wearable shoes have been updated with the embellishments of the day to provide a simple sneak into the biker chic look.
Of course, costume jewellery presents one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to get into the swing of biker chic. With a great appreciation for fun and versatile materials and a passion for prices that make it a breeze to update personal collections from one season to the next, costume jewellery has many answers for fashionistas looking to add a bit of tough punk to their preparations for fall fashion. Spiked and studded bangle bracelets and cuffs have wonderful potential, as do rustic metal elements when strung from simple and smooth chains and neck strands in 14k gold, sterling silver, and rhodium. Earrings can get a bit punky with fun shapes and interesting elements as well. Bag charms and cell phone straps and adornments provide extra ways to open up to new trends in costume jewellery design. Dangling from a favorite purse or adding a bit of glamor to the conversation at the end of a mobile device, these charms are a wonderful way to whet your appetite for this updated fall look. No matter how you decide to work a little rough rider into your fashion wardrobe this season, costume jewellery accessories have you backed up with all the right gear.

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