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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Find Your Way to the Perfect Bangle Bracelet

Most jewellery pieces aren't only a pleasure to look at, but are a pleasure to wear, as well. From the satisfying weight of a pair of earrings to the subtle feel of metal slipping over the collarbone while wearing a necklace, putting on a piece of costume jewellery may work wonders for the eyes of those in local view, but the tactile sense of the wearer is also highly engaged. Bangle bracelets constitute some of the most intriguing and enjoyable jewellery items available. With typically wide cuffs that can slide around the wrists and forearms, or be moved up a bit to settle firmly in place, bangle bracelets bestow a unique tactile feeling while they show off their aesthetic best. At Janeo, we've greatly expanded our bangle bracelet selection, in part thanks to reflection about the wonderful feel of these classic costume jewellery staples. But much of the credit goes to the discovery of the collection pieces themselves, and when we saw these labyrinthine bangle bracelets, we couldn't help but add them to our offerings.

turquoise bangle bracelet

The idea of the geometric maze has delighted and entertained people around the world for thousands of years. Grown into hedges or carefully applied to the floor of a church, labyringths have traditionally been appreciated for their ability to challenge the mind, guide the spirit, and generate smiles wherever they're found. It's not too often that the chance comes along to personalize something like a maze, and the opportunity to wear one is bound to be much more rare. But costume jewellery lovers can achieve exactly that by donning a geometric bangle bracelet from our collection.
Our bracelets begin with a strong foundation of gleaming metal. In either rhodium or gold plating, the two and a quarter centimetre wide cuffs stretch an ample six centimeters in diameter, allowing for fluid motion over the wrists. The beautiful polish and striking smoothness of the finishes are elements that become quickly contrasted, however, by the beginning of precise geometric lines, following an unknown course across the surface of the bracelet to reach the other side. The precise ornate pattern plays out against the backdrop of any number of vibrant colors in enamel, highlighting the brightness of the metal lines and adding visual interest and pleasure with rich and bold tones.

open view o turquoise bangle bracelet costume jewellery

A bracelet that is sure to make a memorable jewellery gift or ear a top spot in any costume jewellery wardrobe, this bangle –in any one of its many manifestations-- has been dreamed up, crated, and offered with the greatest delights of the eyes and the spirit in mind. We offer this wonderfully wearable and engaging bracelet in a variety of color combinations: rhodium-plated costume bangle with turquoise or juicy pink enamel, or 14k gold bracelet with moody eggplant, exuberant orange, or classic white enamel. Trace your way to your favorite shades and find bliss for your wrist with one of our new bangles.

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