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Saturday, 29 August 2009

High Fashion Pauses for Canines in Chelsea

New York is one of the world's greatest centers for fashion and design, and residents can often be found hosting and attending special parties, shows, trunk events, and other staples of the fashion world, helping to support the industry through its difficult days as the financial crisis ensues worldwide. There aren't many reasons most New York fashion lovers would accept for putting a temporary halt on the festivities, but a recent foray into the world of fashion for dogs has proved a worthy cause for celebration and a bit of a departure from the seriousness recently seizing the NY fashion scene. Pet Fashion Week (apparently it gets to have an entire week dedicated to its canine cause), as it was affectionately named, recently took place in the area, much to the delight of dog lovers in Chelsea and throughout the island.
Offerings included designs submitted by fashion school students and professional companies alike, with scores of pieces on display along with oodles of fun pet accessories that probably had many pooches drooling a bit around their Sunday best. Plenty of proud and well-groomed dogs showed up to the events held throughout the week, donning pretty little dresses, protective rain gear, and other staple items that have had pet owners grinning with glee for decades. Pet fashion has, after all, been around for quite a while. The essential dog sweater has been a staple of pet ownership for ages, and it seems only natural that over time, the item should gain a bit of styling and panache to help keep pets warm and fabulous at the same time.
To some, the concept of haute couture for pets may seem a bit outlandish. But for many of the people who own dogs and dress them up, the practice is a way to bond with their pet and shower them with attention and care –a practice with great potential benefits for dogs and dog owners alike. Among the many different types of doggie duds, scores of embellished and fashion-forward accoutrements were on display through the week. Pretty little leashes, lovely collars, attractive name tags, and other items were fully represented. A kind of costume jewellery for dogs, these items are a great way to get into the spirit of pet pampering without going so far as to figure out how to get four legs into a dress.
The close of Pet Fashion Week marks the end of a somewhat topsy-turvy season of fashion shows and events, one in which great items and collections were revealed, and one which also held many tragedies for the industry. On a lighthearted note, the designer dog clothes and cute accessories infused the New York fashion scene with a bit of much-needed invigoration and freshness, helping fashionable pet owners as well as those who live without an animal companion to get back into the spirit of fun and carefree fashion appreciation.

a dog poses in her best fashion

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