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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009

Though it doesn't always score big points with parent organizations or conservative audiences, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show presents quite the televised spectacle each year as dozens of oiled and scantily-clad models show off the very best of what the lingerie fashion house has in store for the times ahead. Representing one of the most widely-viewed events of the year, the show is equally attractive to men and women, as the visual splendor is coupled with a close look at what to wear in the bedroom and under the season's most desirable outfits, with an ample dose of creativity thrown in. This year, the show is moving back to New York City, where it will be recorded for CBS –-the network that has won the show for several years running.
While there are plenty of complaints and protests, as can be expected nearly every year, there's also quite a bit of buzz leading up to the event, as gossip mags and fashion moguls alike attempt to guess what kinds of knickers will make their way onto the glittering stage. And the stage is likely to be, as always, aglow with props, paints, and special effects that almost make the clothing items seem like an afterthought. With a wonderful attention to design and detail, the lingerie pieces are traditionally shown off amidst spectacular sets and staged environments that border on making the fashion show a true performance piece.
Fashion accessories have been working their way more deeply into the Victoria's Secret catalogue in recent years, as shoes, bags, scarves, sunglasses, and yes, even jewellery, begin to pop up among the barely-there offerings. As the bra and underwear outlet has traditionally focused on mid-level market items that offer a bit of luxury at a reasonable price without truly entering the realm of couture, the accessories have, for the most part, represented affordable items that still attain a certain degree of style. When it comes to all that glitters, costume jewellery has therefore been the logical choice for Victoria's Secret selections, and such staples as colorful bangle bracelets, layered necklaces, funky pom-pom pieces, and chandelier earrings have shown up both on the glossy catalogue pages and in the annual fashion show to the delight of jewellery lovers everywhere.
This year, there's a great deal of anticipation for the large, structural, statement-laded jewellery pieces that have found themselves on more traditional fashion runways in New York and Paris. As chunky and bold jewellery items, from leather cuffs to big metal chokers and charms, to heavy and substance-rich earrings are a natural counterpoint to the soft lace and delicate lines of classic lingerie, the runway mix is sure to be interesting. Just in time for the Fall fashion season, the show is well-deserving of a highlight on the calendar of any jewellery fan.

a model at the Victoria's Secret fashion show

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