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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Sapphires in the Sea and Sky –Now for Your Ears

There are many sources of inspiration for jewellery designers. The beauty of nature, as displayed in flowers, in the movements of animals, in the hues of a sunset or the branches of a tree, is an ample muse that has rarely left artists wanting more. When accessorizing a suit, dress, or other outfit with sparkling costume jewellery, many women and men hope to add a bit of this boundless beauty of nature to their own ensemble, bringing a dose of the great outdoors and its millions of hidden wonders and eccentricities to a personal look. In myriad ways, costume pieces help fashionable dressers achieve this goal with affordable jewelry that's effortlessly fashionable and rich with the potential to outlive simple trends. Here at Janeo, we love pieces that take on the challenge of representing nature, especially when the task's achieved in creative and unexpected ways. Our recently acquired sapphire and turquoise-toned chandelier earrings have certainly made the grade, and we're proud to offer their cool blue appeal to nature lovers and jewellery fiends everywhere.

sapphire rose cut earrings

From the pristine tropical waters of the South Pacific to the brightness and vivid spectacle of a summer sky, light blues have captivated the eyes and the spirit for centuries. Instantly transporting the senses to a faraway paradise, these colors comprise some of the most-loved visual treats in the spectrum, and bringing them to an outfit is a sure way to connote that your spirit is somewhere sublime. Our luxurious yet affordable jewelry chandelier earrings bring a peaceful and attractive range of tropical blues center-stage, with teardrop teal beads infused with crushed mother of pearl, along with sparkling, iridescent blue Swarovski crystals that add all the sparkle of the famous gems at unbranded prices. Layered in multiple tiers that sway and dangle with the wearer's movement, these earrings are hard to ignore, and you may find your favorite outfit hard to imagine without the inclusion of this pair's piercing blue.

alternate view of sapphire chandelier earrings

Bringing a luxurious ten centimeter drop to the earrings, the layers of gems play with transparency and milky luster, with sharp and twinkling facets and smooth, polished surfaces, resulting in an endless story of shape and form that makes wearing and beholding the crystal blue earrings a true pleasure. An insightful and unforgettable gift for someone special or a wonderful treat to give to yourself, this pair has all the right reasons for rounding out your jewelry collection. As you saunter into an evening crowd, gown and clutch exuding a classic yet subdued feel, your slightest sway sets off a turn of heads as an audience of eyes is held in captivity by the bright yet soothing drips of blue that dangle from your ears and frame your jaw and neck. Whether you're after the occasional compliment or you simply want to feel your exotic best at your next special event, these earrings are the ticket to realizing your own personal paradise.

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