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Saturday, 17 October 2009

New Armani Phone for Fashionable Calling

Sometimes it can seem like modern phones have gotten a long way away from the basic concept of making and receiving calls. Offering a multitude of perks and special features that do everything from displaying pictures and video to taking the same types of media through cameras, today's cell phones are a far cry from the basic models that were in use a decade ago. While it might not seem like a cell phone is ample ground for playing up design, this has proved to be one of the most successful endeavors of the telecommunications industry at large, and a great deal of time and effort –not to mention expense-- is poured into the creation of phones that look great. When the particular touches of a gifted fashion designer are added, the results can be truly astounding, and that's being hailed as the situation that's unveiled with the launch of a new Samsung phone designed by Italian fashion icon Giorgio Armani.
The phone, which has a sleek, modern, and minimalistic look that strays from being at all boring, is primarily black, with copper accents that coordinate beautifully with Armani's classic line of suits. Expressing his intention of creating a phone that's just right for modern managers, Armani seems to have channeled the appeal of simple cell phone models like Apple's iPhone while adding his own penchant for elegance and form. The phone was recently revealed coinciding with the release of Windows Mobile 6.5, a mobile operating system that runs on the Armani/Samsung model and is capable of video playback, can handle Microsoft Word and Excel documents, and is able to be synchronized online.
Like a lot of things in the world of high-end fashion, the phone isn't cheap. Through the model has a number of smart phone capabilities that are likely to make it a worthy rival of some of the most exciting cell phone products on the market, an Armani phone of your own will run you seven hundred euro; that's just over a thousand dollars at current exchange rates. So what's a wireless-smitten, fashion forward cell phone user supposed to do if there isn't a g sitting around with nothing better to do? Well, first, you could get yourself a phone that meets your usage requirements without breaking the bank, and that has a nice look and feel to it, as well (there are plenty of low- and mid-range models that have a high style quotient but won't strangle your wallet). Then, you can accessorize your phone with any number of Janeo's delicious cell phone charms. We have everything from Hello Kitty to cute bears and beautiful hearts, and you'll be thrilled with the price of pimping your phone with our collection of charms. For the guys who dig Armani but aren't into all that sparkles and dangles, we might suggest pairing a handsome phone with one of our leather bracelets or key rings. Or, of course, a reliably well-cut Armani suit.

Armani poses with his newest collection

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