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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A Ring for Daydreaming of Spring

As the nights begin to turn chilly, and the leaves take on their characteristic fall colors, fashionistas around the globe are welcoming the emergence of new boots and hats, new peacoats and gloves, and new clothing and accessories items in every shape and color. There are doubtless many ways to celebrate the changing of the seasons, but there's always a little sadness present for the ending of seasons past; we've experienced our own pining for the warmer days of spring, when the flowers that are just now dying were first budding up and preparing to come out in full bloom. Luckily, costume jewellery is perfectly capable of capturing the look and feel of every season, and when we miss the fancy-free days of spring as the fall settles itself around us like an old sweater, we simply slip on our pink Swarovski crystal garden ring.

pink Swarovski crystal garden ring

This effortlessly feminine ring has everything a girl could want in a piece of whimsical fashion jewellery. At the very center is a dainty and airy image of a cluster of springtime flowers, dominated by a pair of pretty roses. The stuff of china patterns and old pieces of wall paper, this image is sure to help you recall your favorite springs gone by, and is an excellent base for the spectacular show of sparkle that's to come. The base is elegantly rounded and polished, and is firmly crafted into the etched and antiqued silver setting. Surrounding this circle of spring is a filigree masterpiece in silver, swirling this way and that like a fresh flower proclaiming its beauty to the whistling wind.
The silver filigree is studded with our affordable, unbranded Swarovski crystals in both dark and light pink, creating a fireworks-like display that will light up even the most gray of fall days. The ring measures a generous three by three centimeters across, and comes in a fully adjustable free size, meaning you can wear it on any finger you'd like, or you can select it as a gift for someone special, safe in the knowledge that it will fit perfectly. We've taken this piece out of our special cocktail ring jewellery box during the fairer season itself with a great amount of fashion success and personal satisfaction, but somehow it seems to work its magic best when acting as a representative of the spring that has said goodbye, and as an ambassador of the season yet to come.

back view of Swarovski crystal cocktail ring

Channeling the charm of classic English gardens while adding modern panache through its liberal use of Swarovski sparkle power, this ring is a a continuous favorite that has won us a lot of compliments –and is sure to do the same for you. The ring comes as part of our special limited edition cocktail rings collection, and is a Janeo exclusive. Don't let the passing of the seasons find you without your own piece of this beautiful vision of spring.

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