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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Channel Your Inner Funky Ice Princess

Some of the best elements of enjoying fashion and accessories is when a certain pieces is able to create a mood, inspire and emotion, or start a conversation, all through its collection of disparate elements and nuances. Costume jewellery is especially adept at serving this purpose, and has long been hailed as one of the best ways to brighten up an outfit and invigorate personal well-being at the same time. Some of the best pieces for accomplishing these goals are also the funkiest or most adventurous, and our limited edition sapphire Swarovski crystal cocktail ring is a prime example. One of our favorite designs, this ring is bound to dazzle its wearer and onlookers with an icy blast of crystalline beauty in an interesting format that appeals to the inner creative talent in everyone. With the approach of winter and many cold days ahead, facing the temperature and the icy blue skies with a celebration of the tones and treats of the season is a great way to enjoy a dose of seasonal fashion.

ice blue cocktail ring

Our cocktail ring comes in a free size, allowing for easy adjusting to fit any finger while staying secure to avoid any mishaps. The ring measures two centimeters square, creating a solid, structural metal base that's unexpected for a ring but which instantly creates a unique appeal. Studded in several rows along the metal base are blue Swarovski crystals in a variety of shapes, lending an idyllic glow to the piece that's sure to convey the delicate frost on branches on a cold winter morning, complete with glinting points of light that shift and morph with the wearer's movement. The ring's lower half is laced with a generous smattering of round, multi-faceted crystals, while the upper halves are dotted with inventive shapes that waltz and weave their way into the geometric harmony of the piece. Baguettes, ovals, emerald-cuts, and even modern squared princess cuts are beautifully displayed in classic Swarovski clarity and brilliance, yet this cool dream of a ring can be owned without the need to pay branded Swarovski prices.

alternate view of sapphire Swarovski crystal ring

The instant glamour and modern appeal created by this ring is a perfect match for holiday parties and other winter engagements that call for something reminiscent of the season, but will never bore or rely on tired traditional elements to make its message clear. Able to evoke goosebumps and fond memories of warm winter nights around the fire as a child at the same time, this ring is a great way to celebrate the colors of snow and sky, and to bring out the best of your sparkling inner spirit. A fantastic gift for someone special and equally nice for a personal treat, this cocktail ring represents the very best of costume jewellery's talent for telling beautiful stories –whether it's one facet or feature at a time or all worn together in a cluster of affordable, effortless style.

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