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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Garment District in Danger?

Whether you've realized it or not, any precious fashion items you've purchased that have been made in the states likely passed through New York City's Garment District at one point or another. Marked by a giant statue of a needle and a button, the Garment District has been a vibrant and commercially important part of the city –and of the American fashion landscape-- for quite some time. Notable for its collection of cutters, sewers, pattern makers, findings suppliers, and all other manner of garment industry professionals, the district is a fashion designer's dream come true, and has served to help support the efforts of well-known designers in today's market. Recently, however, the district has realized a degree of danger in the face of a clothing environment that simply isn't as energetic as it used to be. With sales in the fashion industry experiencing a sharp decline, the ability of the Garment District to support itself through the recession has come under question, and many admirers of the area have rushed to the district's rescue.
Serving as the basis for untold scores of accessorising, the fashions that have emerged from the Garment District over the course of its long life span have inspired and awed, and have also gone long way towards keeping America clothed, even with simple fashion fare. Recently, a large group of Garment District supporters rallied around the area's central landmark to show their love for the district and its rich past –not to mention what it still might provide for the future. Among those present at the rally was major designer Nanette Lapore, who noted that without the help of the professional community in the Garment District, her career may well have not gotten its start.
As national budget for luxury goods continue to experience sharp declines, many landlords and businesses in the Garment District are feeling intense pressure to move or to fold altogether, options which are distinctly unattractive for an industry that has long been a staple of the American landscape. Hoping to invigorate the area with greater economic advantages, the City Planning Commission is considering a move that would allow for different zoning within the garment district, threatening to diminish the area's historic importance.
We've been pleased to note that despite the troubles faced by the Garment District, New York's jewellery mecca seems to be doing just fine; in fact some jewellery businesses are even considering expansions, making for an even more dazzling, sparkling shopping experience. But without the clothing basics, even the best accessories don't have much with which to work. Whether the Garment District's survival depends on a quick recovery from the current recession or some other saving grace, we hope the area -–and its people-- get what they need to keep on stitching, sewing, and seaming. After all, without New York's fashion power, America may risk falling off the international fashion radar.

The famous giant button and needle in the NY Garment District

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