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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Aviator Fashion Craze Gets Boost from Amelia, in Theatres

Most fashionistas have been the proud owner of a good bomber jacket or two, or have at least dreamed about saving up for a buttery calfskin affair with all the right lines for a classic aviator silhouette. The essential aviator look is one which has endured in the Western fashion world for decades; in fact, a great deal of its origins are credited to the 1920's and 30's as the field of aviation began to gain proper momentum. This was also the period of one particularly famous pilot whose life and mysterious death have been the subjects of great intrigue and attraction ever since. Female pilot Amelia Earhart, a record-breaker famous for her inspirational attitude and sense of personal power and ability, is having her life celebrated in a new film starring Hilary Swank in the leading role.
The film comes at a time when aviator-inspired duds seem more popular than ever, with new bomber jackets, jumpsuits, and other classic pieces making their way down catwalks around the world. Along with the clothing staples, the look also incorporates plenty of accessories, making it easy to jazz up or tone down any aviator outfit at will. But while throwing on a pair of aviator sunglasses or donning a structural watch, rustic pearls, or other jewellery item, fans of Earhart may be interested in Amelia's own designs, which served as the focus of an extensive advertising campaign reaching women of the early twentieth century with ample strength. Earhart was responsible for the production of her own in-flight gear, but often worked with designers and manufacturers to create practical pieces capable of retaining femininity while promoting practical exercise and outdoor activities.
Earhart's designs traveled beyond the basic path of creating attractive clothes for flight, and also reached everyday activities including taking a stroll around the block or more weighty events such as a special occasion. Creating dramatic gowns as well as practical flight attire, Earhart was a true fashion pioneer who noted that she hoped her personal breakthroughs and efforts would pass on to inspire new generations of women.
Of course, Earhart's story isn't one with the happiest of endings. Attempting a dangerous trip around the world, Earhart and her flight partner lost contact and fell off of radar, their wreckage never to be found. To this day, Earhart serves as an inspiration for scores of women and people interested in modern flight, and her fashion designs continue to be front and center, with reinventions of her styles popping up every few years from the world's most esteemed designers. Of course, Amelia wasn't an avid costume jewellery hound, but we like to think she'd have a blast picking from today's selection of fashionable accessories. From cool, smooth metal cuffs and subtly sparkling earrings to lucky charm bracelets and layered necklaces, we can think of more than a few jewellery items well-suited for pairing with the sporty appeal of the early pilot. What's your favorite way to wear the aviator look?

Amelia Earhart, fashion designer?

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