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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Fall Fashion's Favorite New Necklace

Autumn is the most-loved season for many people, even with the allure of dewy, fresh Spring, crisp and icy Winter, and warm, balmy Summer with promises of beaches and tropical cocktails. There's something about the Fall that makes it especially appealing, from the feel of putting on a favorite cable-knit sweater that's been waiting patiently in a dresser drawer, to whipping up a big batch of a hearty harvest soup. By far one of the most frequently adored facets of Autumn is the season's display of gorgeous colors, seen in the turning leaves of trees, lit up in the sky during ever-earlier sunsets, and in the tones of fires being lit to warm homes and make traditional sweet and savory treats. Packing up all of this seasonal magic into a single jewellery piece might seem like a tall order, and that may well be the case; nevertheless, we've found a necklace that has perfectly hit the mark when it comes to evoking Autumnal splendor, and we couldn't be more pleased to offer it to our costume jewellery lovers this year.

our baroque autumnal cosutme jewellery necklace

Our baroque style topaz-toned necklace is a dream composed of many different elements and ideas, coming together in substance and form to create an impressive beauty that's bound to be the highlight of any autumn outfit. Beginning with several strands of a milk-chocolate colored cord, the necklace wraps around the collarbones in a slightly tousled wave, and is studded here and there with multi-faceted, amber-hued crystal beads, as well as creamy golden slider beads that help balance the citrusy bite of the crystals. Popping with color at unexpected intervals, the sides of the necklace are but the foundations upon which the incredible centerpiece has been built. With ornate, antiqued silver hardware beads interspersed with the topaz, the necklace becomes increasingly rich with tone and shape until it reaches a magnificent moulded center, comprised of a baroque-style flourish in pewter finish, studded with rich, deep mahogany Swarovski crystals in rounds and pear shapes. Strung from the ends of this unusual yet undeniably ornate and unifying piece, clusters of topaz crystal beads, strands of silver chain-link, and tassels of dark brown cord flitter gracefully, suggesting the gentle, whimsical dance of falling leaves during a late afternoon walk.

alternate view of Janeo's topaz baroque style necklace

This necklace is the perfect item to top any ensemble, whether formal or casual, this season, and is especially apt to steal the show at parties and special events. Wrapping together so many beloved elements of Autumn, the necklace bestows not only a warm, golden glow upon its wearer, perfect for turning heads and lighting up eyes, but has all the delicate and bold nuances of the highest styles in the baroque fashion in twenty three ample centimeters, giving any look an instantly antiqued, refined feel. This season, step out in true seasonal style with costume jewellery that knows just how to capture imagination and memory.

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