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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Elegant Emerald Statements in Shape and Shade

One of our favorite characteristics of costume jewellery is the way in which items can be considered as whole, complete objects or taken into account for their individual elements, letting the eye as well as the mind take flight. Roaming over sparkling crystals or following the sultry lines of silver, with any material on any part of the body, costume jewellery serves to delight and inspire, and it does its job well. The nuances of form and color are important aspects of this visual dance, and though not always front and center, glass is one of the most impressive mediums for displaying this wondrous property. Here at Janeo, we have many pieces in metals, crystals, enamel and other popular, modern jewellery components, but we've always had a soft spot for glass, and our affinity is perhaps best displayed in our collection of two-tiered pear drop glass necklaces. This double-decker strand, beautifully illustrated in swirls of peacock blue, green, purple, and clear, will have your senses soaring each time you behold its curvy individual beads or take in the entire piece in a brief glance in the mirror.

our swirling emerald glass two-tiered necklace

Our costume jewellery glass bead necklace is a paradise of colors, with shades that recall the brilliant displays of the feather-fan tails of peacocks, the rich tones of the forest, and even a bit of the intrigue of the sea. You can soak up all the splendour of the hues encased inside these beads through the effortlessly elegant shapes of glass pear drops and perfect rounds, at once reflecting light and creating glossy curves while shining through with bursts of deep and engaging color. The necklace is comprised of a first layer of alternating clear and purple-infused round glass beads. Setting the stage for the impressive flourishes to come, this fun and playful layer still manages to remain subtle, injecting the piece with occasional pops of color that nevertheless don't interfere with the smooth attitude of the overall piece.
Embracing the initial strand of round beads, a sweep of alternating purple-infused rounds and pear drop, curvaceous beads swirls over the neck, creating a dripping effect that works well with the vast majority of dresses and sweater necklines. The piece is substantial enough to create a strong fashion statement, yet doesn't overpower the eye or become too busy at any point. The perfect costume jewellery combination of grace and glitz is at home in this fantastic piece, and you'll love seeing it shine –and savoring the compliments of onlookers.

alternate view of Janeo's glass costume jewellery pear drop necklace

Priced to remain affordable for a range of budgets, this glass necklace is the perfect item for Fall –or for any time that calls for something sophisticated and classic. We're proud to offer this stunning design in a range of other colors to compliment any taste or wardrobe. If you've been looking for a new favorite necklace, put your faith in the glory of glass. It's a choice you'll find rewarding for years to come.

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