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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Australian Silversmith Makes Jewelry with a Bite – What's Your Take?

Modern jewelry, whether in the context of fine or costume pieces, certainly has no trouble tackling new and developing themes and working with new concepts and materials. The ability of jewelry to evolve with trends and ideas is, in fact, one of its greatest attributes, and its quest to remain appealing, beautiful, and complimentary helps make jewelry the stuff of treasure boxes. Sometimes, however, a certain trend or direction in jewelry design may seem shocking or out of touch with what wearers want, and new ideas may receive difficult or negative receptions upon being unveiled. While the verdict isn't entirely in on Australian Silversmith Poly van der Glas' latest collection quite yet, there are some very heated opinions circulating through the jewelry industry, suggesting that the jewellery designs will be, if anything, at least able to spark interesting conversation. But why are van der Glas' creations so prone to making people gab about their jewelry preferences? One look and the reason is clear: the collection features, unabashedly front and center, the unlikely material of human teeth.

a picture of a new tooth-based jewelry collection

Sterilized before placement, the canines, molars, bicuspids, and other pearly whites are incorporated into modern silver pieces, taking the place of more conventional semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, or bits of glass. At once curious and controversial, the pieces challenge notions of what treasures should be and look like –after all, most of us have coveted lost teeth as a means of wooing the Tooth Fairy at some point in our childhoods. A large contingent of supporters hail from the “green” or “eco” jewellery camp, noting that the recycled nature of the teeth makes the pieces more friendly for the environment. Yet those in opposition of the rings, earrings, and necklaces in van der Glas' collection suggest that plenty of other recycled materials, such as sea glass, conscientiously-sourced metals, and textiles and twines like hemp are just as “green,” without crossing the line into the use of human remains.

another view of the van der Glas tooth jewelry collection

Whether jewelry lovers praise or loathe the toothsome creations seems largely a matter of personal preference; major affiliations or partnerships with the van der Glas line have yet to make themselves known, and it may be the case that today's style houses and mega-fashion publications are unsure of what to make of the designs. Still, the ability of the jewelry to stir up some interest in just what makes our accessories beautiful is a valuable quality that the fashion world surely won't miss. At Janeo, we haven't quite crossed the line into offering costume jewellery with a literal bite, but we're proud to stock plenty of modern, interesting pieces that are just as sure to turn heads and spark discussions when worn. If you're into the daring edge of modern jewellery, you can find plenty of appealing options with costume pieces, whether or not you supplement your bedside box with a few dental dainties. So we ask: would you wear these toothy treasures yourself, or are they destined for the trash?

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