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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Classy, Cute, and Just the Thing for your Winter Bag

Bag charms and other purse accessories are fast becoming some of the hottest costume jewellery products on the market, and while finding a great bag is an accomplishment in itself, a growing number of women are finding that the process just doesn't quite feel complete without the addition of a bag charm that speaks to personal preferences and style. At Janeo, we've been scouring the markets for months to offer a collection of bag charms, key chains, cell phone straps and embellishments, and other trendy accessories to keep our customers bedecked with the very best. We couldn't be more thrilled with the resulting collection, but of course, every truly great set knows how to adapt to the changing of the seasons. We've got that angle well covered with our recent addition of this Winter Man bag charm, an irresistibly cute and cuddly teddy bear dressed in his winter finery, complete with Swarovski crystals, smooth metal finishes, and creamy, bold enamel.

Janeo's darling teddy bear bag charm dressed up for the holidays

There are plenty of purse charms that look fun from a distance but lose their appeal after the first impression, but our Winter Man bag charm has a fashion-forward feature that ensures he'll always work is way into any observer's heart. With fully mobile limbs, the teddy bounces and jiggles with every step, proclaiming the cheer and animation of the season while adding pops of color and interest to your handbag. Dressed in a delicious candy-apple red suit and an adorable winter cap with clear, unbranded Swarovski crystal pom-pom, the teddy is the very picture of winter whimsy and can brighten up even the gloomiest of cold days with a single glance.

Detail of teddy bear purse charm

The serene and effortlessly endearing face on the Winter Man bag charm is matched only by the central heart-shaped design, filled with small clear Swarovski crystals. With the crystals' brilliant, light-catching facets and the rich gleam of 14k gold, this bag charm uses the most luxurious materials of quality costume jewellery to play out its message of comfort and joy. You'll inspire smiles among passers-by as you complete your yearly shopping, start conversations at work whenever your purse is plopped down on a desk, and attract the excited attention of children as they spot your special seasonal spirit dangling from your bag. Put a little warmth into your choice of accessories this year, or give the Winter Man charm as a gift for your favorite fashionista. The piece can be worn as a bag charm or key ring, and comes with a ring fastener and lobster clasp. Our cute and cuddly charm is a limited edition item, and stocks may deplete quickly as the teddy charms his way into many a shopping basket. Let your sense of fun and fashion blend and add something truly special to your season with this bag charm, one of costume jewellery's most alluring, if unexpected, treasures.

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