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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Vietnam Joins Asian Fashion Federation – Fans' Dreams take Flight

The Asian Fashion Federation, or AFF, is responsible for supporting and overseeing many of the activities of the garment and textile industries in a number of countries throughout Asia, and is regularly distinguished as being one of the world's most rewarding and fashion-forward organizations. The AFF celebrated a new milestone this week as it announced the addition of Vietnam to the Federation's group of five participating countries. Now incorporating Japan, China, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and newcomer Vietnam, the Federation presents an even more powerful fashion punch and may help deliver much-needed economic stimuli to the region's various fashion industries. Though Vietnam is the newest member of the group, it is no stranger to the fashion world, being home to scores of fashionistas and budding designers intent on expressing their individual takes on clothes and accessories to the world of wearables.

fashions on display for Vietnam's historic addition to the AFF

The joining ceremony, in fact, was held as part of a major national competition, the Vietnam Collection Grand Prix 2009, which took place over the weekend of the 22nd and featured a boggling amount of entries at over eleven thousand, submitted by over fifteen hundred talented entrants. Some designers chose to focus on the natural fashionable charms of the country, incorporating luxurious local silks and dyes, while others concentrated on creating interesting structural pieces that showed an individual flair while still drawing upon classic Asian lines and concepts. The prizes at the Grand Prix showed that Vietnam is serious about boosting its fashion sector, with tens of millions of Vietnam dong up for grabs in a number of category competitions including those for material, impression, and colour.
With the flourishing of the Vietnam fashion industry and the continuing success of fashion throughout Asia, it's becoming clear that tomorrow's styles may adopt growing influence from the region. While we can certainly appreciate both traditional and modern takes on Asian fashion, we're most enthusiastic about the possibilities for designs in costume jewellery. Where there is a boom in clothing, there's bound to be a sister boom in accessories, and we can't wait to see the bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches, cocktail rings, and other pieces that will work Asian themes into luxurious but affordable gems. From bamboo bangles to Swarovski-studded chandelier earrings, funky rings to layered necklaces, and everything in between, we're ready for Vietnam's designers to show the AFF –and the world at large-- how shape, shade, substance, and form can be modified and made into something beautiful.
Asia's role as a growing economic superpower has certainly extended to the world of fashion, and though there are many regions throughout the world with great track records for creating attractive jewellery, Vietnam and its new partners may prove some of the most versatile and unexpected. What are your favorite global hot spots for jewellery –and how did they gain their notoriety and relevance in the world of gems, metals, affordable price, and everything nice?

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