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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A Cute, Collectible Costume Jewellery Christmas

Shopping season is in full swing for the holidays, and no matter what special occasion you may celebrate this month, you're bound to find yourself looking for a great gift that will express your caring without breaking the bank. Jewellery is one of the most popular choices in any gift-giving season, and although jewellery may traditionally call to mind sky-high prices that seem well outside the bounds of sensible shopping this year, costume jewellery allows you to delight the special people in your life with sparkling, gleaming, gorgeous things for every taste at prices that are easy on your financial well-being. There are plenty of classic jewellery options from which to choose, but some of the more popular costume jewellery gifts are proving to be those that incorporate modern innovations and even technology. A fun and creative way to blend great looks with convenient functionality, USB jewellery is quickly amassing a cult following, pampering fashionistas and tech junkies alike with portable data storage that's as elegant as any piece on today's jewellery box.
Janeo has welcomed this growing trend with a line of USB jewellery that's perfect for every fashion sensibility, from the funky to the refined and everything in between. One of the most instantly appealing pieces in the collection is our limited edition blue doll USB jewellery charm, a flash keyring that wins big points for its cute, cheerful character and attention to maximum sparkle power. Decked in unbranded Swarovski crystals shimmering in shades of turquoise, blue, and green, this adorable bear-like doll reaches out with enamel-painted paws, greeting admirers with a winning smile articulated in pink crystal. The charm evokes a wonderful light-heartedness that is sure to add a bounce to anyone's step. The flash drive jewellery key ring is finished off with an attractive rhodium chain and a set of whimsical round baby blue beads, complimenting the hues of the crystals. An easy-to-use keyring and lobster clasp make the jewellery versatile for quick switches between key sets, bags and purses, or anywhere else you'd like to keep your data.

Janeo's cute blue doll USB keyring jewellery

The flash drive keyring keeps data safe with a slide-out USB jack with two gigabytes of storage space –plenty for a set of documents, a movie, some music, pictures, or whatever you want to take on the go. The perfect marriage of fashion and technology, this USB jewellery item will have the gift recipients on your list beaming with excitement. The keyring offers the best in costume jewellery with a swirl of highly-prized Swarovskis and spot-on trend appeal, while also serving double-duty as a valuable thumb drive capable of making vital information conveniently mobile. Put something cute and computer-friendly under the tree this year, or snag a USB jewellery piece for an anytime gift –perhaps even as a present to yourself. With this adorable bear doll flash keyring, you can be sure that whenever it's time to reach for your files, you'll be met with a smile.

Back view of blue doll USB purse charm

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