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Saturday, 5 December 2009

New Show to Launch for Handicapped Modeling Talent

With a penchant for creating monumental tensions between the good looks of supermodels and the aspirations of the general public, the fashion world is sometimes accused of creating unrealistic standards that ultimately harm the way that people think about themselves (a claim that, we are happy to note, cannot be especially well connected to costume jewellery). Fashion's cruelty is sometimes seen as a part of its natural appeal, while at other times it may seem to be an unfortunate if unavoidable facet of the industry. Playing with these notions in a whole new way, the television reality show “Britain's Missing Top Model” is set to launch soon, and will feature hopeful models who differ from those on other similar shows in one significant way: they're all handicapped.
Some of the contestants sport very visible handicaps; from living in a wheelchair to possessing the remnants of a lost limb, many of the models are different from their major runway counterparts in ways that seem obvious and upfront –even confrontational. Others live with disabilities that aren't as overt, such as hearing impairment –something which can certainly affect one's quality of life, but which may not cue onlookers in to the fact that someone is handicapped at all. This rift between “visible” and “invisible” handicaps is one of the first issues that helps to define and shape the show and its many emotional moments.
And emotion is bound to play a considerable role in the series, which promises the winner a spread in the magazine Marie Claire and the potential for fame and fortune that comes with snagging the top spot on a major television programme. While the contestants exhibit a strong drive to help create a meaningful revolution in the fashion industry, one capable of accepting bodies for all of their potential peculiarities and permutations, there are some unenthusiastic critics who suggest that the fashion world simply isn't ready for such ventures in modeling. With recent moves by some publishers showing more full-figured women in fashion magazines garnering a great deal of support, however, the era of the super-skinny flawless fashion model may be phasing out.
While we're interested in seeing how the show plays out, we're also eager to check out the actual fashion that makes its way onto the camera –including the costume jewellery that graces all of the unique shapes and struts of the contestants. We've already gotten sneak peeks of layered pearl necklaces, bow-tied headbands, crystal accessories, flower brooches, and other pieces worthy of a place in the spotlight. We'll be enjoying the season's exhibition of Swarovski crystals, leather cuffs, fashion watches, cocktail rings, and other pretty things complimenting the frocks and feathers worn by the models as they compete for the title. We think fashion has plenty of room for displaying the beautiful possibilities of bodies of all kinds. What's your take on whether the show –and its concept-- will be accepted in the fashion world?

Models from a handicapped reality show

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