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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Classic yet Updated Wood and Leather Watch will Keep You on Time with Style

Costume jewellery has done a remarkable job of exhibiting its beauty and visual prowess in bracelets, earrings, necklaces, brooches, cuffs, and cocktail rings, but there's another way in which the attractive and affordable materials of costume pieces can delight the eyes. Watches are an essential fashion accessory that lend not only beauty and traditional nuances of form, but which can be extraordinarily helpful throughout the day, as well. With all the modern devices such as cellphones, personal assistants, tiny portable computers, e-book readers, and beyond, there are scores of ways to find the time for most modern urbanites. But relying on a classic timepiece is not without its own perks –most prominently the point that a watch lets the wearer keep good time in effortless style that simply can't be found with a communications device. Janeo is pleased to offer a range of exciting watches that incorporate some of the industry's most highly-sought and celebrated materials, and this relaxed yet refined wood and leather watch is among the most enchanting choices in our collection.

Janeo's leather and wood watch in tan and brown

Our wood and leather ladies' watch features a generously wide genuine leather band with a creamy, soft suppleness and rich intensity of color. The band can be purchased in two color combinations; either an eye-popping, contemporary orange lined with pristine winter white, or a chocolate brown tone offset by light tan. The bands for these watches are smooth to the touch and embody the very best of leather's luxury. The ample cuff is finished off with gracefully rounded edges and a clean belt closure, creating a sleek and collected look that highlights the immediate beauty of the watch. The true star of the show in this piece, however, is naturally its focal point, the watch dial itself. Crafted of complex and infinitely interesting hardwood, the watch dial has a slightly curved construction that evokes the comfortable shapes of big puffed marshmallows and pillows worthy of sleeping in. The dial is cut in the center to reveal a fashionably modern watch face, displayed on a white background for the orange and white color combination, and on a toffee brown shade for the chocolate and tan option. With easy-to-read yet stylish silver numbers, the watch face makes glancing towards one's wrist to find the time both fast and fun. Silver lining around the clear glass and a matching silver winding knob complete the polished look.

orange and white leather and wood watch

Quite possibly the ultimate holiday gift, this watch represents the very best of costume jewellery style and sensibility. Imagine the eyes of a friend or loved one light up upon discovering the attractive lines and cool materials of this watch, or treat yourself to a personal present that's sure to keep you on the timely edge of punctuality and fashionable panache. With a reliable, quality Citizen TIME watch mechanism and a one year warranty for the dial itself, this piece is a wearable sensation for every season.

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