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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Fashion Design Students Support Heart Health with Red Coats Project

Sometimes, it can seem as though there's a special awareness day or black-tie benefit for a health or charitable concern at nearly every point on the calendar, but some causes are likely to be more personally meaningful than others. After all, we can't exactly remember the last time we wore a ribbon for National Frozen Foods Month, nor can we recall any enthusiastic supporters sharing their harrowing tales of a life once lived without microwaveable dinners. By contrast, however, issues that take on some of the greatest challenges of our time, such as heart health, are probably worthy of attention, and when the fashion world gets involved, there's an extra incentive to put personal effort and thought into contributing to meaningful change.
Such a contribution has been, at least in part, the goal of a program recently unveiled at Marist College in New York. The college's fashion design program supported a small group of students in creating a series of red coats for raising awareness about heart health for the American Heart Association. The coats were recently put on display at the college, after which they will be presented at a luncheon held by the AHA, finally to retire at an awards ceremony back at Marist. The coats ranged from comfortable cashmere to modern wide-belted warmers, all sporting vibrant and stand-out shades of red.

A representative of the American Heart Association speaks to fashion design students

Fashion's ability to reach out to people across a wide range of cultures and backgrounds with deep visual messages and meaning can make it a powerful medium for advocacy, and securing the assistance of a major fashion department or brand is an attractive prospect for many organizations. The American Heart Association is continually searching for ways in which to improve public understanding and concern about heart health, as related medical concerns constitute some of the most devastating and widespread in the country and around the world.
Of course, you don't have to make your own coat to show your support for the AHA or for those who are struggling with heart-related health problems. Donating to a reputable charity is always a good option, and donning some fabulous scarlet costume jewellery can make you feel even more involved. Janeo has a selection of costume jewellery pieces in red that can tickle the hues in your jewellery box and help you show your support for heart health. This pair of heart-shaped red Swarovski crystal earrings topped with clear crystal studs is a stellar option.

Janeo's red Swarovski crystal earrings

But not all heart health messages necessarily have to say it with red. If pink's more to your liking, you can still bring out the best of jewellery with a meaning with Janeo's contemporary double heart Swarovski crystal pin in two delectable shades of pink.

a pink art-deco Swarovski crystal brooch

No matter how you choose to do your part for heart health, you can find a way to symbolize the strength that comes from confronting today's challenges with quality, affordable costume jewellery, from .925 sterling silver bangles to bright and lively glass beads necklaces.

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